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I am new to blogging as you can clearly see by my very meager archive.

If you had asked me three weeks ago about blogging, I probably would have laughed at you . Who has time for sitting here and typing daily psychobabble when there is work, laundry, carpooling, house straightening, errands, homework, obligations and a shot at sleep to handle? And why would someone want to read about anything I have to say in the first place? To me, it’s up there with entering contests all day and trying to get free samples sent to me. Two other things I don’t get.

I’m working on a marketing program for a client of mine. A difficult client of mine, actually. Big ideas, and absolutely no budget for anything beyond an ad in the local shopper paper. (Not that bad, but it may as well be.)

I read about the influence bloggers can have and started searching blogs. Google “blogs” and you get 765,000,000 results. Can you imagine this???? But I still didn’t get WHY it’s such a big thing. What’s in it for the bloggers? Why are marketers and businesses clamouring around them? Read More >>

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