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Captains Log: 26/09/09 7.30pm

So we have discovered uncharted territory in the crevice that is my mouth, there are two white sharp formations on the mounds of pink fleshy stuff, i think they call them
teeth??? (don't ask me, i have no idea) but they really really hurt! the
tip of my finger was nearly lost into the oblivion, OK OK i know it's
only a finger tip but in its defense it is one of the top ten in my
favourite finger tips category...

Anyway i know that most people would say that at least it's not mommy's nipple, but HA HA i laugh in
your face... I haven't bitten it- YET!!!(mommy says- "TOUCH WOOD...then
reminds herself not to go and jinx it now you dumb ass!!")

Well now that the little meilie munchers have arrived i guess it means that
moms furniture is not as safe as it used to be... oops sorry forgot I'm
not the dog!!

I am just getting so big now, i don't think I'll get to the piggy back stage with mommy quick enough, i'm so heavy as it
is( or at least that's what she always say...), mommy doesn't want to
break her back now, maybe she'll be the one getting the ride soon...
after all at seven months i am almost already past half mommy's height!
"Gee mom what a shorty!"- oh and not the rapper kind either, just the plain
old short kind!

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