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If you haven’t heard about CrossFit in the past few years, then you must have spent them under water. Invented in 2000 by Greg Classman, it has won the hearts of many. No wonder, as CrossFit athletes boast of magnificently lean and muscular bodies. However, despite all the fuss, ‘healthiness’ of CrossFit is often doubted. Here are a few pros and cons of this training system that will help you identify whether it is for you.


You should take up CrossFit because:


1. It is physically exhausting. The system concentrates on short yet very intensive workouts leading to relatively quick results. This kind of training helps develop muscle strength AND endurance.


2. It doesn’t cost much. CrossFit gyms don’t require sophisticated equipment and thus are affordable for almost any social group.


3. You can take it with you. As almost no specialized equipment is needed, you can use your body weight for workouts. Wherever you are – on a vacation or a business trip – you can continue training.


You shouldn’t take up CrossFit because:


1. It is heavily associated with injuries. In his article called ‘It’s CrossFit, and It’s Going to Hurt’

Josh Bunch admits, ‘To this day, after six years of constantly CrossFitting, I still get butterflies every time I workout. I don’t get them from imminent bliss - I get them from inevitable pain’. CrossFitters train on the edge of their abilities and often get tired to exhaustion. They lose concentration towards the end of the workout period. The technique, however, requires that one follows the procedure very strictly. If your attention slips, then the risk of injury soars.


2. It has the abovementioned challenging technique. One simply can’t do it right without help. If you try, you get hurt.


3. There are an awful lot of incompetent coaches, and you risk stumbling over one. It is often claimed that CrossFit opened a portal for those who wanted to coach but didn’t have the qualification. In case of injury, they say, it can all be blamed on the ‘it’s going to hurt’ principle.


No wonder CrossFit stirs debates. A workout associated with utmost muscle tension, exhaustion and injury is likely to raise doubts. However, it does have its pros. As usual, the answer is in the appropriate balance. Take up CrossFit if you want great results. Keep in mind, however, that nothing is worth the injury.

Stacy Green is a freelance writer who specializes in various topics: psychology, travelling, gym and workouts area with research essay writing among her favorite platforms. 

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