Social Activities for Single Moms

Do You Need a Social Life as a Single Mom?

Single moms are constantly on the go! Taking care of things for the home, the kids, work and did I mention the kids? There just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done but thankfully, there’s always tomorrow. This is the mentality that we as single moms must adapt. It is not always necessary to get it ALL done in a day. Sometimes it’s okay to let it wait. Especially when putting it on hold means you get a little time for yourself. While it may seem like a foreign language, social time for moms who take care of it all is actually a thing now.

Once you become a mom and find yourself involved in every event, activity, and engagement that involves your kids, it’s easy to forget or forgo being social yourself. It’s completely understandable that at the end of the day, you’re beyond tired. However, sometimes that tiredness is from doing for others and not yourself. Single moms can be social without hitting the bars, clubs or hanging out all night with friends. There are plenty of engagements or activities that are inviting for the mom over forty with nothing to do outside of carpooling, helping with homework or hosting the PTA fundraiser.

Here are a few social activities that single moms over forty can enjoy.

Swim Class

This is a social activity that is often overlooked for its relaxation and health benefits. Join a community center and take swim aerobics with others in your age group. It’s a great way to stay toned, feel your best and mingle with others who have similar lifestyles.


You can never volunteer too much, especially when volunteering for a cause that is important to you. You have an opportunity to give time to something you’re passionate about while meeting new people. It’s also a great way to expand your knowledge about the cause that you’re supporting.

Teach a Class

Is there something you’re passionate about and very good at doing? If so, teach others to do what you love doing. Makeup classes, Cricut classes, jewelry making, and more are among some of the things that people really want to learn to do. While teaching the class, you have an opportunity to meet new people, get new ideas and make a little extra income during the process.

Join a Travel Group

This is a new thing that’s taking off pretty fast and very popular among single moms. It’s not always easy to just plan a trip and take off on a whim. To be honest, it’s not practical for single moms. Travel groups take the work out of planning. The organizers post the dates and location of the trip and all you need to do is sign-up. It’s that easy! Once the date arrives you go to the specified destination to travel to your destination. There is always an opportunity to meet new friends while traveling in a group. Eventually, you begin to plan trips with others that you met in the group. It’s the cool way for single moms to travel and to think, you thought your mom was being strict when she warned you to stay with your group. Now, you do it for fun!

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