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 One day my boss asked me to join and contribute to some social media sites to understand how they work, what is people's expectations etc. He gave me some website addresses too to join, including some dating or marriage media, photographers sites etc. I have created a lot of accounts with pictures and personal info to complete my task.

When my work is done, I have stopped visiting those accounts. But with some accounts, I have made some online chat friends where I did chat a lot. So, I continued with those accounts. After some time, I found things were not going well, so I have stopped visiting those accounts too. Also, I unsubscribed from email notifications.

Now I have forgotten on which websites I had created my account or not. I even don't remember the user id or password. Some of my old emails are not accessible now. So, I can't delete those accounts.

If you get any messages or email or friend requests from any site other than my main email address or FB account. Please don't trust them. I agree, I should have deleted all those accounts.

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