Facebook started with the college crowd and in the beginning it was a social scene for the young who were mortified when their parents and grandparents alike began appearing on Facebook. Since then, Facebook has not only grown in to a social network for all ages but has turned in to a huge networking arena for businesses, not just a playground for college kids.

A recent survey by Media Audit shows that kids and businesses are not the only important people on the social networks today, one of the categories you need to pay attention to is the parents. This information is scheduled to be released in their 2010 National Report and was gathered from 65,000 people across the United States. The study showed that the categories of people who tend to use social networks the most often are the young, single crowd but then also parents with young kids at home. While the statistics of those under 35 with no children had a very high rate of visiting social networks, this was not as much of a surprise as the fact that the study showed that of those adults with children under 6 years old, 71% visit social networks in the average month. This percentage was 38% higher than the general population.

If you are a business active on social networks such as Facebook, this helps to know who your consumers are and what demographic and lifestyle category they fall into. Aiming business messages at the demographics with the most buying power can help boost your success across social networks.

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