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I've been showing my son the scrapbooks that I've put together over the years as a way to make his memories stronger and as a way to teach him our family's history. I love watching him point out the events that he does remember or when he points to a picture of my husband and I from before he was born and asks where he was.

It makes me happy, too, to see how many wonderful times we've captured over the years.

When we looked at the earlier scrapbooks - the BC ones (before child) - my son commented that my husband and I acted so silly together. At the time, I told him that we have always been able to make each other laugh and that is part of what has made us such great partners in life.

It turns out that science backs me up on this.

In a long-term look at happy marriages, humor tends to grow over time. The storms and conflicts that marriages go through in their early days tend to fade away, and it is the person who can make you laugh that you want to stick around with.

Sounds about right to me.

Does your partner make you laugh? Tell me in the comments.

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