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Space Saving Gardening Ideas For Small Apartments

Over the recent years a lot of young people have started turning towards gardening. It is a therapeutic hobby, which adds a little bit of beauty and oxygen to this drab world. However in this era of small apartments, it’s getting hard to grow a healthy garden as space crunch is real. However with a little bit of imagination you can put almost anything to use, such as used custom boxes, old containers, mismatched cups and more, to create a stunning urban jungle in the confines of your home. Here are some fun ideas which will help you grow yourself a beautiful garden without compromising on the floor space.


Utilize vertical space

In the majority of homes the wall space is severely underutilized and yet this area has so much of unexplored much potential. Using cabinets or shelves you can stack up your plants and create a stunning vertical garden. Even if you are super low on budget, with a little cleanup, discarded wood boxes, crates and planks can easily be used to create display spaces for your plants. This will create a stunning plant wall.


Hanging gardenscape

Your ceiling is yet another underused space which is practically begging for some attention. If you do not have adequate floor space, simply put in a few hooks around the ceiling and hang your plants to free up the ground. If you have bars on your windows, this is another place where you an use hanging pots for your plants. Trailing and shorter plants look and work the best in such set ups as tall plants might not get adequate space to to grow vertically.


Get specific sized plants

In most homes there are small places such as random cubbies, the top of the cistern, centre of the dining table, bits of kitchen shelves etc which are rarely used. However these places can be excellent for growing plants. Cute little succulents, kitchen herbs and smaller sized plants in general can be easily kept in such spots. Not only does it put awkward spaces to good use, it also adds a much needed touch of green.


Alternative potting containers

A lot of store bought and nursery pots are shaped in such manner that they take up way too much floor space. However you can save up some space, and money by skipping out on buying these pots. Instead you can use takeout containers, bottles, cups, kitchen pots, boxes and any other container that you want to use by simply drilling holes at the bottom. You can also make use of grow bags or build your own by using sturdy sheets of plastic.


Use grow lights

With the use of grow lights you can utilize any are of your house, no matter how poorly lit, for your gardening purposes. While plants do love and need light to survive, grow lights are created to emulate the bright sunlight, and accentuate its necessary spectrum that helps plants grow quicker and healthier. They can perform photosynthesis under these lights, even if you keep them in an area which does not get adequate sunlight.


Whether you like pretty flowers, fine foliage or you plan on growing your own food, lack of space should never stop you from building your dream apartment garden!


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