Spare Soles: American Family Business vs Our Own Media

I wanted to talk today about a situation that I’m losing sleep over. My friend invented a slipper called Spare Soles four years ago. She has been on TV and in magazines all over the country. Expecting it to be a long tough journey the slipper did the opposite and exploded into the fashion world.

I’m posting about this because Andrea is a fellow mommy. She started this business with a baby, then became pregnant again and is continuing to run the company with two very active toddlers.

She and her husband have put their blood, sweat and tears into this company. As a family they have been traveling the country for two years now promoting Spare Soles at trade shows. They have the business running out of their home and most of their friends hardly get to visit with them anymore. Spare Soles has taken off so well that it has consumed their life. Like good business owners for two years now they have been doing the hard work and not slacking off. I have hardly seen my friend in two years because of this and I miss going out with her.

Here is my problem. A copy of Spare Soles has been in the media this week receiving lots of kudos that are not deserved. Spare Soles is the original portable slipper and there is tons of proof.

I wish that Good Morning America and others would have checked into media history before they put a copy of the product on TV. If Robin and Diane would have researched television they would have seen that Spare Soles was on TV numerous times in California and that the product is a knock off.

Here is a link to one of her news interviews back in November of 2007 when the product was available for sale.

At this time in America you would think that the media would pay close attention to the companies that they are choosing to spotlight. Spare Soles is an American based company created by a hard working American family. I think it’s a complete lack of patriotism to advertise a product from another country when the original patent pending product is here in the US.

I know that this type of stuff happens all the time but its hard when you watch it going on in your own circle. Many inventors have been in this situation but you don’t understand the pain and loss until you are in the mix of it. American mom and pop business owners need all the help that they can get right now and we don’t need our media adding competition from other countries.

Let’s let American business owners unite or compete with others from the same soil. Another mommy came up with a version of this slipper that is actually a sport style. Now this is great competition to have. At least you know that no matter who comes out on top or if Spare Soles and the other company make it to the top together, all the money will flow back into the American economy.

If the product in the media was really mentally conceived eighteen months ago there is no way it could come to market this quickly. You would think that some of our top news casters would pick up on this bright red flag. There is so much time in the beginning stages of inventing a product that is spent on testing and business set up. Spare Soles was a family dinner discussion two years before the interview linked above in 2007.

Even though the media forgot to do some homework and protect our small business owners. Fortunately Spare Soles has a dedicated following because of the care they have given to their shops and boutiques. Like all American mom and pop businesses they give great customer service and attract a loyal following. I guess it really comes down to our patriotic families on the street to keep these businesses alive. Certainly some of the companies with the biggest voices are not worried about doing this.

For all the American families out there who are struggling to keep your dream alive forward the link to this post on today. For all the intelligent American business women out there who came up with a brilliant idea just to have it stolen forward this link on. If our media is not going to take care of our hard working families then we need to band together and do it ourselves.

Get the word out about this story and if you have one like it email it to me. I will give you a voice to be heard by the world by posting your story and your business on my site. My site is about illness but I think many of us can vouch for that the financial stress of the past year has made us all a bit ill. This topic needs to become a movement.

Show Spare Soles some love, check out their site, buy online or find a local dealer and buy a pair. You can also go to Andrea’s new blog and check out a contest that she has going on. Let me remind you that she is a mommy working towards a dream like the rest of us. Support this American based business today by posting about her product on your blogs today.

Remember if this was your company, you would want all the women of the blogosphere supporting you too.

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