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Specialty Groups Help Teens Succeed At Elevations RTC

One generic solution for every single student at a residential treatment center is not going to work. Although many locations out there have attempted this approach, it usually comes with a decent amount of backlash and many frustrated families. Elevations RTC has never been about one standard approach to achieve great results.

In fact, over the years, Elevations RTC continues to introduce more and more specialty groups facilitated by therapists. When each new group is introduced, the goal is to make sure that students not only get the care they need but can bond with others who might be experiencing similar issues. A group can be anything from getting over certain challenges to exploring new passions in life.

Groups to help with overcoming challenges

Teenagers dealing with challenges that might be holding them back can benefit greatly from specialty groups. A couple of the more popular options on campus include a healthy eating group and a mind-body connection group. These both help students who might not feel confident about their looks. It is a process of appreciating how the body looks and feels and getting on the right path can be challenging without guidance.

Even if the student's main issues do not directly connect to their body and health, this can indirectly help significantly. Those who have a little bit more confidence overall can end up having a clear mind, a new passion for physical activity, and even a new focus on baking or cooking. These groups allow students to set individual goals that they can focus on, with all the support one needs from the administration and other students.

Groups stay very small on purpose, as it makes it so much easier for teenagers to get individual help if needed. Making sure that everyone gets a voice within the group also makes a huge difference, as too many students have been overwhelmed in the past in traditional school settings. In bigger groups, there is less of an opportunity to share their thoughts.

Groups to follow enjoyable, lifelong passions

For more enjoyable groups, there are plenty of options available at Elevations RTC as well. These specialty groups matter just as much because they could help a person develop a passion that they can have for the rest of their life.

These groups can be anything from art therapy to sports-related. It is important to have passions outside the classroom, and it can make a person extremely well-rounded. Having something to occupy downtime during a stay at Elevations RTC can keep a person heading in the right direction and on the path to success.

Depending on interest from students, new groups join the list all the time. It comes down to demand, but the staff is versatile enough to support an array of passions.

How these groups help in the long run

When the specialized groups work with the program in general, students can start to feel like they are making progress towards their own individual goals. Offering this more specialized care certainly helps, and some students may not realize all the benefits right away.

Lowering anxiety

Most of these groups act as a type of therapy that can be extremely beneficial for teenagers dealing with a lot of anxiety. Having a good amount of mind-body connection certainly helps and allows students to expand on what they know and experience new things.

Fighting off depression

Many students deal with symptoms that link directly to depression. When someone focuses on a specialized group that makes sense for them, it can improve their mood, make someone feel less isolated than ever before, and understand the greater purpose. It is all about finding those major things to focus on to take the mind off of the depression downward spiral.

Freedom of expression

If a student gets into a particular group that allows them to be creative, it is a way to express themselves in a new way. Whether the art, cooking, recreational activities, or anything else, they all act in a therapeutic way to read the body of tension and work through issues that might be lingering.

Building a passion now for a brighter tomorrow

In some instances, these groups can act as the first introduction to a lifelong passion for students. Something long-lasting for years and years is invaluable to anyone who has gone through their own struggles. All of these activities and groups built around them are not meant to be temporary solutions while on campus. Eventually, when people move on, they can take these skills and passions with them.

Creating friends for life

When a new student enrolls at Elevations RTC, they are not quite sure what to expect. In many cases, graduates leave with at least one friend they plan on counting on for the rest of their life. Not only is there that instant bond of sharing the same experience while living on campus, but most have developed similar interests that keep the connection strong.

Not everyone leaves with a best friend, but the opportunity certainly is there for those who feel like they need a peer who understands the challenges that go with getting life back on track. Creating a bond in the classroom is one thing, but the bonding in specialty groups can be a difference-maker.

The creative minds behind these specialty groups

The staff and therapists at Elevations RTC are always focusing on new and exciting ways to bring students together in different ways. There is nothing quite like making an impact on students and seeing breakthroughs in real-time. It is just part of what makes working at a residential treatment center worth it.

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