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Sportneer Portable Pop Up Beach Tent Review

When the opportunity to try this came, I understood that it was a popup tent, but I didn't really pay attention to how it would be packaged or put much thought into what it would look like. I just read "beach tent" and got excited because I always wanted one.

It arrived while my mother was here visiting, and she was curious about what was in the round bag. When I told her it was a tent she was confused because we’re used to seeing tents arrive in a large box with long metal poles. Luckily we were in the family room when I opened it, because the whole thing popped out once I unzipped the bag and pulled it out. It was awesome. She wanted to leave with mine, but will be ordering her own, because this is too cool for me to just give away!

So far, I really like this tent!

I can fit in it with my kids and the size of the interior is great for my husband and I to sit in while watching their games. The material is really thin, so I don’t know how long it will last, but as long as we keep it on a soft base it should be fine.

I would suggest (continue)

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