Freakin stalkers!!  Let's see let's define what a stalker is because those 3 or 4 of you that have stalked me and tried to use every blog or bio page you find on me a big F*** You is in order here!! 


History of why i am posting this and feel free to leave a comment if you want to let them know how you feel about this too!  I had a very successful blog in the past over 2,000 followers and rising each day! I had a life coaching business that was doing very well.  It all came to a crashing halt when i moved from California to Kentucky.  See I moved to go to school, and better my life so my 2 kids could have a better life too.  Very toxic situations, and honestly how can I coach other people when my life was so toxic at that time? SO I did the unthinkable and faced my fears and what ifs and moved with the bigger picture in mind that I needed to better my life.  For the sake of my sanity and my children's lives.  I originally left with my son who is 2, a ball full of energy and my little best friend.   He is on my profile picture on this site.  I miss him terribly! I had permission o leave with him, he has a speech problem and I was getting him help in Kentucky.  Long story short, his dad decided to align with my ex-husband (my daughters dad) and they both tried to use fear and intimadation against me.  I went for a custody hearing in California back in June and there are no rights for move away parents.  What I found out was they (My sons dad, my daughters dad and his new wife) have been stalking my blogs, bios and anything else they could find out about me to use against me in court.  

Here is the kicker that makes me laugh all the time.  What they pulled as "Evidence and for exhibits B,C,D and E" all had incriminating evidence about how I was hit and left with black eyes and a busted nose, the one about how I let my daughter stay home from school clearly states we learned how to communicate on that day and we opened up a new understanding between each other, (healthy parenting at it's best) and they tried to throw in my sexual abuse when I was little.... Stating I don't know if it is true but if it is.... Well then why in the hell state something as a fact in a court document but say I don't know if it is true! Duh!! You look like a dumbass!  Further more my daughters dad has used my sons dad big time, and he doesn't even realize it! I thought he was the smartest one out of both of them but apparently not!   

It is enough to make my head swim! So because I have no attorney I am doing this alone basically, trying to get my kids back.  I am asking for my daughter to come stay with me for breaks and summer (my goodness I went from 60% of time with her every week to nothing now) because he is a control freak and doesn't think of what's best for her. 

GO ahead and take that statement to the court! Maybe he is jealous of how close she and I are? We still are and there is nothing you can do about that! Not you or your blank-blankety-blank wife!  Of course all good words go in those blanks because I use to think we got along, until her true colors started to show. Like her list of top 10 reasons I hate A's mom. And my daughter read those reasons and told me about them!! How is that healthy?

My son's dad is just a follower, I know he thinks he is a leader, the alpha dog, but come on, you can't see how A's dad and wife are playing you big time?  Duh!

SO go ahead and find this bit of blog and use it against me! I am tired of hiding and not saying anything. I am tired of you two or three thinking you have the best of me or right where you want me! Better think again.  IF you two know me, really know me, you know that you NEVER, EVER UNDERESTIMATE ME! Or any other woman scorned! That day in court you and your entrauge (yes they had 9 or 10 people there all with folders thick with papers like they had something on me!) Waiting like dam wolves to procute me and burn me at the stake.  When the judge ordered my son to stay in Kentucky because of the laws not  because of him or what he said. They (all their little people there) clapped and cheered.  I about died, But something inside of me did die that day. Any caring or feelings I had left for those 3 and the people they brought with them. I left stronger than ever before, even through all the tears and emotion of having to leave the state without my kids.  THey gave me the best gift ever, the burning in my soul, the sting of pain so deep that no one would ever be able to touch me again, or hurt me like that again.  I am a new person, stronger and more determined to do what I said I was going to do in my life.  THey can no longer affect me or stop me.  If they chose to hurt my children by not sharing then the blame is all on them.  

I was told recently, how dare I move and leave, this is all my fault.  Well let me be very clear about this.  IF you would of been a man in the first place that took care of his family and his wife, I would of had my needs met.  I would of been happy in a marriage to you.  YOU chose to black my eyes and control me and the other one chose to cheat on me with multiple women. Yep that sounds like a great marriage! One that I want to stay in and teach my kids that is what life is about!

SO stalkers go ahead and see what you can find out about me now! No more hiding! 

Much love to you all and kiss my butt!!! :) 


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