With me working part time and Daddy working part time for the summer Cutie Pie has been very interested in trying to figure out when I leave and when Daddy comes home. We've been telling him things like 'in a little while Nana will come and then you'll eat lunch and after you play for a while Daddy will come home.' That has satisfied his curiosity a little bit, but hasn't been enough to help him settle into this new, slightly varying routine, so we started showing him what time things will happen.

At first I drew pictures of what the clock will look like about the time a transition will take place. He liked this a lot, so when I ran into Target the other day and saw foam clocks for $1 I knew I had to get two! Now on our kitchen wall we have a real clock with a foam clock on either side. The green clock is changed each day to reflect the time Daddy is expected home, while the red clock is first 'set' to the time Nana is expected and right before I leave for work we change it to show the time I am expected home from work. Now he just has to wait for the clocks to match the time on the real clock!

Cutie Pie is only 3 1/2, so isn't really ready to tell time, but this seems to be helping get him through this change of routine in our lives. He's a routine boy, but upsets in his routine don't usually create any problems. Even so we like to try to help him anticipate transitions and when we do life around here is a little happier!

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