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Step by Step Guide to Buying the Best Gemstone

Though gemstones and diamonds have same quality factors but they are differently valued in case of gemstones. For instance in case of diamonds, Cut is the most crucial but in case of gemstones, Color is the most vital.

Tips to Consider While Buying Gemstones

  • Color- There are many gemstones that derive its beauty from the color- reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples. The color of a gemstone relates to three factors, hue, tone and saturation. While purchasing any gemstone choose one that you think is beautiful. Every gem possesses an optimal saturation, tone and hue.
  • Cut- The gem cutter works in attaining an affordable and pleasing mix of weight, color and safe shape with regards to mounting. The size of a gemstone while creation is constrained via nature. For instance, while beautiful and large amethysts are accessible readily, a big size alexandrite is usually rare. It is the sparkle which adds to a gemstone’s beauty. Any colored gemstone’s cut describes its shape as well as how this is fashioned. A couple of gemstones like opal is suited to a rounded, smooth surface while others like sapphire are shaped more frequently through a precise series of symmetrical, flat planes known as facets that may make a pleasing illumination regarding the color of the gem. Today most cutters also use concave or convex facets thereby shaping colored gemstone as a small sculpture. To know more contact the experts from A Grain Of Sand.
  • Clarity- A colored gemstone’s clarity contributes to its beauty. In fact unless it is opaque as well as blocks the light, the manner in which light moves through it affects its beauty. There are some gemstones that possess some internal inclusions that interrupt the light to pass while others possess characteristic inclusions.
  • Size- The weight of a gemstone is measured through carats.
  • Durability- The ability of a gemstone to be mounted, fashioned and worn indeed is a function regarding how durable the stone is. This is a matter both of toughness and hardness. Gemstones such as garnet, ruby and sapphire are ideal for active daily life. This works well in case of cufflinks, bracelets or rings. Opals, pearls and emeralds are ideal for necklace or earring.
  • Enhancements- There are some gemstones where color occurs naturally. Owing to its rarity, those which have a natural color are more valuable. There are some gemstones on the other hand that are enhanced or treated in some way through safe irradiation or heat to attain wonderful clarity or color. Such gems that are less rare also can be highly valuable. There are some jewelers that offer gemstones that are synthetic colored which possess all the chemical, physical and optical properties of the gemstones that are naturally occurring, yet are made in a laboratory. They are what can be termed as synthetic gemstones.

The bottom line is, next time you plan to buy gemstones consider the points mentioned above and you can never go wrong. A professional advice too can work wonders.

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