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We have all tried to cross a creek or puddle using stepping stones which seem to be placed in such a way that we carefully step from one to the other until we reach the other side.  We diligently try and avoid getting wet at all costs.  We have learned from our past experiences what will happen if we slip off just one  stone and we avoid the wetness, mud and discomfort by staying on task, step by step.  Children have stepping stones in their lives too.  We call them milestones, but rather than carefully side stepping the muck, they wallow right through it and that is the way it should be.  Children learn to walk by stumbling, they learn to communicate by first jabbering and stammering.  Each time they miss that stepping stone, they arm themselves with valuable information about how the world works.  They miss the mark only to perfect a little piece of themselves that will help them to process the big picture and will eventually get them to the other side.  There is nothing more remarkable than watching a toddler perfect a skill after many unproductive attempts. They don't give up and it is their sheer determination that gets results.  I often wonder if we as adults have become so careful in making sure we land on every stepping stone that we have lost track of this fact....wallowing in murky waters often pushes us to grow.  Sometimes we need to cross that creek without all of the stepping stones in place.  to get to the other side we may need to swim in some uncharted waters and gain our footing where we can but once we have made land, the journey will have been all the sweeter.  Whatever creek in life you must cross, approach it like a toddler and waddle on will figure it out...I know you will, one stepping stone at a time!

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