Stress: How To Conquer It Off-Beat and Benefit From?

If you hear stress is the plague of nowadays believe it: our busy life proves that stress has become the inexorable reality for quite a few on the globe. And, unfortunately, most of us got a hang of it, like we get used to washing in the morning, or jogging, or doing nothing when we are lazy. But you should definitely not ignore stress, even though it may seem to you an integral part of your routine. Why? Because it does harm you. And you, under stress, do harm your environment. But if you are persuaded stress is solely negative, you are deadly mistaken: if utilized correctly, stress can be very helpful, however preposterous it may sound.  


What shouts you are under stress

  • Every morning is gloomy
  • You try exhausting diets one by one, and there is no stop
  • You are angry with your reflection in the mirror
  • You are sure your boss depreciates you
  • Any criticism makes you hate the world
  • You switch off your phone, sit all alone in the armchair and self-reflect
  • You are sure all your best days remained behind in your childhood
  • Nothing can shake up your enthusiasm
  • You are regularly nervous, your hands being wet and knees trembling
  • You feel sick, suffer from headaches and poor sleep.


How to benefit

  • Meet your stress face to face. Stop disassociating yourself with the surrounding: leave your hidden corner, and start contacting the world – your friends, your family, your colleagues, any stranger in the street, your boss, finally!
  • Change your attitude to stress. First, start acknowledging it. Second, look at it as at your personal growth couch, free of charge!
  • Put on a happy mask. You are totally defeated? Your legs are faltering? Your voice is cracking? Pull yourself together! Do not concentrate on it. Breathe deeply for 10 seconds – in and out, then draw some funny picture in your imagination – say, a man whose arms start growing quickly and intertangling (is that your boss?). Voila, you are fit as a fiddle now!
  • Stop eating your heart out. You are still waiting for a review from your supervisor – your report is definitely a trash. Your neighbor did not say hello to you this morning – she thinks something very bad about you. You could not lend money to your friend – he will tell everybody you are a miser. If those are your everyday thoughts, you are on the edge! Start writing down every single thought of the kind and analyze its possible effect on your overall life – will it really change to the worse if your neighbor starts thinking something about you, or someone considers you a miser, or your report is really a trash? Do not be afraid to clear up the things if there are certain doubts: ask! Document everything, analyze and change your attitude.

You should neither ignore nor pamper your stress – use it in your favor! Just stick to the rules that stress a) is indispensable for your personal growth, b) gets you going and shakes your backwater, and c) tries you and makes you stronger. Put yourself out of your comfort zone and try to benefit. Practise this day by day, and you can be astonished at the results.

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Stacy Green is freelancer at and creative blogger. She loves to share her experience about health, travelling, family relationship and raising her lovely daughter.

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Comment by Ashley Owen on June 15, 2015 at 12:34pm

I am a firm believer of exercise to reduce stress also! I love to put on my headphones, play christian music & go running. It really puts in perspective for me how great life can really be.


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