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Succeeding at Being a Single Mom and an Entrepreneur

Single Mom and Entrepreneur Success

You’re raising and managing a family as a single mom in your 40s and from every angle, you’ve got things under control. You’re definitely a superhero in the eyes of many who wonder how on earth do you do it all? While you may not do it all because you want to, but it’s a must that your family is happy, healthy and living a fulfilled life. Therefore, you do what it takes to make it work.

Speaking of work, you may have considered the upside of working for yourself, becoming an entrepreneur. There are many single moms who opt to do so because it presents a chance to accelerate the financial growth and stability of your family. Not to mention, it gives you an opportunity to manage more of your own time. While becoming an entrepreneur may require you to put in more hours than you would on a regular 9 to 5, there is something special about working towards your own dreams.

Here are a few tips to consider if entrepreneurship is something you’re contemplating.

Avoid the Negative Nancy’s

You will find that naysayers come in all forms. Family, friends, former coworkers and most of all, those that wish they had the strength to pursue the passion of their dreams like you have decided to do. These people will present every reason in the book as to why you shouldn’t consider becoming an entrepreneur. It is important to not be influenced by toxic chatter. Research, plan and make the decision that is best for you and your family.

Your Single Mom Status Serves as Motivation

Although becoming an entrepreneur may be your passion, you’re doing it for yourself and your family. Your kids are watching you work and succeed at something big in life. Allow that to be your motivation. You don’t want to let them down. This doesn’t mean that you won’t fail at times or that everything will go smoothly at first. It does mean that there is a lot that goes into owning your own brand and if you can successfully manage a family, you have all the training you need to keep this business going and growing.

Create a Balance

It will be easy to become consumed with your business and possibly neglect your kids or other responsibilities. To be truly happy as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to allow yourself time to create a balance between your brand and your family life. There will be times when one receives more attention than the other, but in the end, it should balance out well. The objective is to make life better, not stressful. Introduce your children to your business. Let them know what you’re doing and what your plan is to succeed. This makes them feel as if they are a part of the plan and won’t see it as a competition.

Mompreneurs are growing by the day. Single moms are looking for ways to spend more time with their kids and create a life that they all can enjoy. Entrepreneurship is making this possible. If you have a brand or business that you’ve been considering, take the necessary steps to put a plan into action and create something that you and your kids can call your very own.

This article was originally posted on www.midlifesinglemommy.com January 2018

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