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We all know one simple truth: no pains, no gains. If you want to look well you must do something for it. Of course, there are many people, who are lucky. They can eat whatever they like and look faultless. We think of genetics, body metabolism…other vice, they have no overweight problem. Each person who wants to run off excess fat or just be in good looks must forget about all the harmful products. Sugar always takes the lead in such a “stop list”. We are dead set on living without sugar. Soon, we realize that living without it isn’t such a sweet thing.

Some people are able to stop eating sugar until the moment they stop their diet. The others are good fellows! They keep their diet and feel great! Nobody knows they can’t stop eating sweets without telling someone. No matter which way you look at it, throwing out the sugar is one of the weightiest cares in our life. That’s why we always make up the excuses to our dolce vita. Stop! How long are you gonna use that crutch? Let’s try to straighten out this very complicated subject.


A bit of boring medicine facts

It was founded by the dieticians that women shouldn’t allow themselves to eat more than 50 milligrams sugar a day. Man – 10 milligrams more than women do. It must be all the sugar that you use a day. It includes sugar which contains in drinks, bread, fruits and all the rest of your daily nutrient goods. It is so difficult not to exceed a limit! Be careful, we face caries, overweight or diabetes, at least.

The most stupid statement about the sugar

We can’t get fat eating the sugar, as it contains no fat at all. Some people believe this, but the rest wise part of our society knows that it is nutty as a fruitcake. We need to eat the glucose for our body metabolism. Sugar is the glucose for our body. Further, fat is generated as a result of the glucose overdosing. When you are holding the chocolate in your hands you truly believe that it’s going to be the only one piece of it. Keeping within limits is very hard.

The secret code

We know that there are a few kinds of sugar. Many people think that the brown sugar is more useful than the white is. Don’t get too excited! They are almost equal in their caloric value. It is obvious, that brown sugar contains more useful things. But it also may be faked. What is the difference which kind of sugar is going to cause your overweight? If you can’t stop eating sweets, the choice must be the following - “the beauty or the sugar”.

When dieting becomes dying

Stop killing yourself! You mustn’t keep the lifelong diet. It’s going to be the wise calculation of the daily food energy intake. My mom always told me: “Honey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are beautiful and I don’t want you to be changed for the good of the others. If they don’t like you – it’s their problem, not yours.” I like my body but there is always room for perfection. Let’s come back to our sugar eating problem. You see, it is just the beginning of the new healthy life. Sugar isn’t the evil; the biggest evil of our people is lack of self-control.

About the author: Stacy Green is a young ambitious journalist. She is not a famous and public person but she wants to write for people and about people. She is a law unto herself. Talented journalist is the person who can throw the problem a curve by asking an unexpected question. Currently she works as freelancer at Her articles are full of spirited critics and bold initiatives. 

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Comment by Ashley Owen on June 8, 2015 at 2:03pm

I don't think I would want to completely go without sugar. It tastes so good!!

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