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Summer 2018: 5 Cool Swimwear Trends You Need to Know

As the mercury rises so does the pressure of getting into your best shape. Truth be told, getting your beach bod back is just half the story. The real struggle is finding the perfect swimwear that will complement your beautiful body as well as your refined fashion sense.

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What makes a swimwear perfect you ask!

It’s no rocket science. There are just two criteria to fulfill; find a swimwear you can be comfortable in and find a style that is in vogue. If you are able to find something that satisfies both the criteria, you have your perfect swimwear for the year right there.

What’s Trendy for You

Speaking of the first criteria, what you are comfortable with depends absolutely on you. Some women prefer to show less skin than others. Some feel more confident in a one-piece, others in a two-piece. Some don’t like colors too bright while some prefer printed over the plain. What’s in vogue, on the other hand, is decided by the designers and brands.

Celebrities are the first ones to follow the fashion trends but you can always catch up. You just need to know what to look for and where to find it.

Today, we are sharing top five swimwear trends of 2018 so you can find your perfect one before you go out in the sun.

Sexy Strings

Strings were the talk of the town during the 2018 Miami Swim Week. Almost all the designers came up with their own variations of lace-up bikinis and swimwear. Luli Fama’s Viva Cuba collection has numerous drool-worthy stringed designs that can make any woman look like Venus on the beach. They really set the tone for what’s hot and what’s not this year. Most of their laced swimwear is in solid colors instead of prints. With the playful strings to steal the show, you really don’t need a lot going on in terms of prints.

Off-the-Shoulder Ruffles

If you think ruffles are too 2017, check out how ruffl-ier it got with the Zimmerman’s 2018 swimwear collection. Zimmerman knows how to keep things elegant. Ruffled swimwear is playful, pretty, and comfortable at the same time. If you have a heavier lower body, a ruffled off-shoulder bikini top can add balance to your proportion. It will make your waist seem smaller as compared to your buxom and bottom. Swimwear doesn’t get more feminine than that. We don’t see any reason to not have a ruffled off-shoulder bikini in your collection.

Crocheted One-Piece

Crochet is the new lace. It is making a comeback to the beach this year. Crochet, if done well, can look extremely glamorous. Many designers included crochet in their swimwear collection, but very few managed to make it look as sexy as Beach Bunny. Their crocheted numbers, especially the one-pieces, really had the ramps on fire in Miami. Baes and Bikinis also embraced the trend and have a number of crocheted swimwear in their new collection. It is definitely a trend you cannot overlook this year. So, give your lace swimwear a break, and go for a more exotic look with crochet.

Velvet Swimwear

We wonder why no one ever thought of creating velvet swimwear before. Even if they did, it never got as popular as it is about to get this year. The choice of fabric plays a critical role in making a swimwear comfortable to wear. Velvet happens to be a perfect choice. A number of high-end labels have included velvet tops, bottoms, and one-pieces in their 2018 swimwear collection including Cirone Swim, Mia Marcelle, and Baes and Bikinis. When so many brands are following one thing, it can mean only one thing – you have to get your hands on it. No matter where you get yours from, a velvet swimwear is bound to look premium and high-end. Perfect for resorts actually.

Bold & Metallics

If you are confused between plain or printed, abandon. There is another statement-making trend that is going to be everywhere this year – the metallic swimwear. Metallic golds, silver, and bronze may not seem like the best choice for the beach, but many designers seem to disagree. We see enough models metallic on the ramp this year to know that it is one of the must-follow trends in swimwear 2018. From Versakini to the 8th Continent, everyone has some sparkle in their 2018 swimwear line. So, don’t wait for the sun to give you that glow. Get yourself a metallic swimwear and take that glimmer to the beach. Like velvet, metallics make for equally elegant resort wear.

What Else Is Hot!

While we just discussed the top five trends, there is a lot waiting for this season. Be ready to welcome some retro trends back such as polka dots and high-waisted bottoms. Thongs are also making their way back to the beach and they seem to be loved by Kendell and Bella. Not to mention, tassels are still hot as last year. Some have them attached to the strings of the bikini and some have them hanging from crocheted tops.

Unusual, abstract, and geometric prints aren’t as popular this year. If you prefer prints, go for florals or animal inspired prints. Better yet, go for solid contrasts such as black and white, red and blue, yellow and purple. Avoid neons as it doesn’t seem to be a favored fashion trend this time.

Lastly, a great news for ladies who don’t want to show a lot of skin, long sleeves are in this year. They can add a touch of elegance to your overall beach or resort look.

Find Your Perfect Swimwear This Year

Now that you know the swimwear trends that are hot this year, you just need to find your perfect match, or you can have them all. The one accessory that you need to rock each one these trends is your confidence. Learn to love the body you are in and you can follow all the trends, and even set some. With a number of reliable online swimwear stores out there, you don’t even have to worry about the budget anymore.

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