super [rad] mama saturday: product musts from Alice Supply Co

I love pretty items. Especially pretty items that bring pops of color into a home. Enter quaint and spunky household must-haves from Alice Supply Co, a California based company, founded in 2008, that has recently stolen my heart. Yes, I have a crush on dustpans. And you bet that several of their items, noted as "hip housewares" on their web site, are going to make their way on top of my Christmas list. The name behind Alice Supply Co stems from the Brady Bunch. Yep, that's right, it is a reference to the Brady's hard-working-and-witty-housekeeper, Alice. Cute, right?

Just as "cute"--and yet oh-so-purposeful--are striped hammers and toilet plungers and camo-coated dustpans.

As thoughtful as their company's branding and name, Alice Supply Co's manifesto is equally refreshing. Read it here. I had the pleasure of conducting an email interview with Maria, one of the super-talented founders of Alice Supply Co's. The other half of Alice Supply Co is Raili, who also has a stacked background of creativity working for some of my favorite sun-drenched companies.

Q & A:

TBWL: What are your, Maria, and Raili's individual backgrounds?

Raili has spent a lifetime in the surf/action sports industry with Raisins Swimwear, Roxy and then Paul Frank. She was truly the most successful sales reps in the history of the surf industry, I can brag about her. She owned a stationary store for one year after leaving the industry and sold it. Then we started Alice.

I spent my first ten years in television working in news, financial news, then T.V. sports. I went into the surf industry, launched a brand for Quiksilver, then went on to manage sales for divisions of Roxy, lastly was GM of Women's at Hurley. We both left our careers 2 and 1/2 years ago to start ALICE!

How does your background with such fun surf companies as Roxy & Quicksilver play into your designs?

We both have a sick fascination for all things with aeschetic pleasure and sensibility. We took our limited understanding of sales and merchandising and design and taste level and poured it into the creation of this company. We are coming at the housewares industry with our fashion perspective.

What is your design process?

Hey Maria, what about making ping pong paddles with our print... my kids are so into ping pong... brilliant Raili!!!!!

Hey Raili, neon is in, we both wear hints of it... what if we did a neon cakeplate.. sounds good.

Hey Maria, look at that trophy on Clive's desk (our art director) .. why don't we make trophies??? #1 mom, you are the best, and how cool to use them as centerpieces for breadsticks or nuts or????? what about a big one as an ice bucket???

Great idea!!! That is pretty much how it works.....

What is the average price point of your products?

Retail: $40.00

Favorite piece of house-cleaning advice for busy moms (from your own mamas/own experience):

Just do it... oh wait, that is taken.


So next time the drag of housecleaning gets you down, try sparking your day with some colorful housewares. Sure beats having to shell out $$$ for an Alice of our own (although that sounds pretty darn nice on somedays, doesn't it?!). Happy cleaning Super [Rad] Mamas!

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