Supermom of the Week ~ Kelcey Kitner from The Mama Bird Diaries

I have only been blogging for a little under a year, but in that short amount of time I have come across some amazing moms in the blogging world.

These amazing moms & their stories have made me laugh, made me cry & some have just downright inspired me.

So, I came to the conclusion this weekend that these amazing moms a) need to be told that they are amazing, funny & inspiring & b) need to be honored for being amazing, funny & inspiring!

Introducing Supermom of the Week!

My very first Supermom pick is Kelcey Kitner from The Mama Bird Diaries.

I found Kelcey's blog The Mama Bird Diaries a week ago. The Lord must have known that I needed a good laugh that night (o: I laughed so hard that I think I might have peed my pants {although giving birth to three large babies will do that to you}. Anywhooooo, Kelcey not only deserves Supermom Pick of the Week, she also deserves a metal of honor! One word will say it all for you ~ LICE!!! I feel itchy & dirty just saying the word, eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!

You can read her scary, yet super funny experiences with lice below (o:

lice removal in westchester? oh yeah, i know all about that now.

family fatigue

the lice is gone. why am i still scratching?

& for something more funny, less scary (I think I am going to have nightmares tonight) here are a few funny, non-lice related posts (o:

these things will not encourage my 6-year-old to wipe her own tush

things i wish i didn’t know

Life As Supermom ~

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