I have mentioned Super Jacob's ADHD before.

A few weeks ago I went to speak with a psychiatrist who specializes in working with children with ADHD & the parents of children with ADHD.

I was given some very helpful information. Some of it was very eye opening for me.

She told me I have to stop thinking of Super Jacob as twelve years old. Even though Super Jacob looks twelve & does twelve year old school work, I have to expect eight or nine year old behavior from him. Super Jacob has severe ADHD which puts him behind in maturity by at least three years.

She also told me that I have to change the way that I reward & disciple. I need to have a reward system for him to see. Kids with ADHD need things to be visual. I also need to change his reward system every few weeks. Kids with ADHD will get bored if the reward system is always the same. Keeping it fresh & new makes it more exciting.

After my appointment I met with my friend Super Michelle (she is totally a Supermom) & she told me about the Dilley Discipline Ladder that she had used in her home & loved (o:

For the past few weeks I have been using a revised version of the Dilly Discipline ladder & I LOVE it!

Super Jacob & Super Zachary read their Bibles every day & BEG for chores to do!

Yes, I am serious!

Here is my revised version of the Dilly Discipline Ladder

Full Privileges (o:
2 hours of X-Box 360, Play Station 3, WII, PSP or computer play time.
2 hours of television, movie time.

Television Privileges
2 hours of television or movie time.

Outside Privileges (with friends)
Playing outside with friends.

Computer Privileges
2 hours of educational game play time.

Outside Privileges (without friends)
Playing outside without friends.

Play Privileges
Playing in your room with toys, board games or puzzles.

Music & Drawing Privileges
Quietly listening to music or drawing.

Reading Privileges:
Quietly reading any book of your choice.
Bible Reading Privileges:

Quietly reading your Bible.

Chore & Schoolwork Privileges
Quietly doing chores or school work.

No privileges!
Spending time in your room by yourself, thinking about your actions.
If in the evening, going to bed early!

Here is how it works (o:

Super Jacob & Zachary will start each day at the bottom of the ladder. Here they only have chore & schoolwork privileges. If they do their chores & get started on school without any problems, they can move their push pins up two rungs. If they complete their schoolwork getting only A's & B's they can move up three rungs. If they get a C, they only move up two. If they get a D or an F, they move down the ladder. Throughout the day I give them the opportunity to move up the ladder, but they have to do chores. For example, washing the breakfast dishes will move them up one rung. Cleaning their toilet or vacuuming the house moves them up two rungs. I also move them up with good behavior or down with bad behavior.

Here are a few additional ways for them to move up the ladder.
Getting 100% on a quiz or a test earns them 1 rung.
Writing in their prayer journal earns them 1 rung.
Reading a book of their choice for an hour earns them 2 rungs.
Reading their Bible for 1 hour earns them 3 rungs.

I added Super Michelle's idea of a sub-zero zone. The sub-zero zone is for when Super Jacob & Zachary are very difficult (unfortunately we have those days). The sub-zero zone is a no privilege zone. Whoever ends up in sub-zero spends some quiet time in their room by themselves.

What Super Jacob & Zachary like about this system is that every morning they start fresh. Every day is a new opportunity for them to earn privileges (o:

Because I did not want to leave Super Noah & Super Julia out of the fun, I decided to put them on a modified version of a kindergarten behavior chart.

I keep the faces on the fridge. In the morning they start with their little picture magnets on the yellow smile face {happy}. If they misbehave (disobey, act up, hit) they get a warning & move to the green face {indifferent}. If the behavior continues they have to move to the blue face {sad}. Super Noah does not like to see a sad face & will change his behavior immediately. Super Julia does not care.

If at the end of the day they have a yellow smile, they will be rewarded with a price from the prize jar (o:

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