Surviving home renovation as a working mother – all the details included

Are you a working mother who has a ton of responsibilities to handle? If your answer was yes, then you might be scared to death of a home renovation in the middle of all this hassle. When having kids, finding time for other activities other than the ones that include paying attention to your children and taking care of them is quite difficult. Some mothers find home renovations the most stressful periods into their lives, especially if they need to be done while the children are still young and full of energy. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks which can help you go through this process without all the stress, worrying and effort.

This demanding task will easily transform into something you can complete exemplary. Just arm yourself with patience and everything will turn out just the way you expected. As long as you keep everything organized and you know exactly what you need to do, no issues are going to be encountered in this journey. Renovating a house is not something to be scared of, but excited of, as you’ll be able to relax in your newly-designed, modernized living space. Give these tips a try and see if you can cope with this home face-lift while keeping an eye on your little ones.

Reno tips for busy mothers

There are specific renovation rules for mothers who don’t have the time or the energy to conduct this process in the shortest time possible. The goal is not to overcrowd the house and to ensure the whole space is safe for children to wander around. Here are the reno tips that might help you cope with house renovation:

  • Never count on a planned timeline

Whenever you come up with a plan for your renovation, you will expect to respect it entirely, when in reality this is not what is going to happen. Usually, timelines are delayed, at least with one day or two. Don’t fully rely on the way you planned your timeline, as it may suffer changes that will completely ruin the next activities you programmed. Make sure that you are flexible when it comes to renovation and be patient in case a delay occurs. It’s better to have the problem solved properly than rushing the process and having to go through it all over again in a few months. Take your time and everything will work out as expected.

  • Family-friendly reno companies

There are construction companies that usually work with families. You should choose these because they are the most suitable ones for your situation. First of all, the team will understand if they can’t work on a specific day. Having children is always unpredictable and you never know when an issue occurs. You have to collaborate with a company that understands these problems and respects your requirements. Reno companies who previously worked with family projects should know what all this is about. Plus, they will secure the workplace and won’t leave behind things that could hurt the little ones or yourself.

  • Don’t neglect anything

Any problem that you encountered in your house should be solved NOW. Don’t neglect or postpone any issue because you won’t get the chance to solve them very soon, or if you do, you have to start the process all over again and it’s not convenient for anyone. Make a list of the problems you want to solve and do it this time instead of leaving it behind. Even though the effort is bigger now, it will be worth it afterward when everything will work as supposed to.

  • Renovate one room at a time

The greatest tip of them all would be to renovate one room at a time. Going whole-house renovating will be very difficult because your kids won’t be able to sleep in their room in many nights. Instead, tackling certain spots can be much more efficient. Keep that in mind next time you plan the renovation and everything will be easier to handle and organize. In addition, you can keep the children away from the respective room until it’s ready and so on with the next. 

Risks – the cautionary side of the story

Being cautious while renovating the house is a must. No matter how safe you think the environment is, there is a risk that your children might stumble upon if you’re not careful enough. Take the necessary measurements to keep everyone safe and comfortable for the little ones and add upgrades that will ensure child protection at its best. For instance, you can buy custom blinds and place them in each room for extra comfort and safety. Blinds create the most pleasurable environment both during the night and during the day. They also protect the windows from damage and make the house more secure.

Make similar investments to improve your house as much as possible. As for the temporary environment that your children are going to live into for a while, pay attention to dust and industrial products. Dust will reach all your house’s rooms, regardless of how restrictive the renovation process is. You can buy a filter to reduce the dust in the air and you should also vacuum often than usually. Kids are curious and like to get involved, so pay tremendous attention to where they spend their time.

Don’t worry – it’s totally doable

In case you thought renovating the house is not possible when having children, worry not – there are ways to handle it professionally, without all the trouble. If you follow the tips mentioned above and you keep everything organized, then you’ll see that renos with children are totally doable and can be entertaining as long as you plan it right and work with the appropriate companies. Your only responsibility this time will be keeping an eye on your children while the renovation project is completed. Forget about all the stress correlated with renovation and do things your way. You’ll see that everything comes out just as expected, without encountering any problems.

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