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Surviving the First Month of Motherhood

Everyone- from my mother, my doctor, to the cashier at Target- gave me advice on life with a new baby. Nothing prepared me for what was actually to come. We welcomed our first born, beautiful baby boy in November 2017. In the dead of winter in Upstate NY. Translation: I didn’t leave my house for the first 3 months. But we survived.

There was no schedule. There was only me wandering about in a sleep-deprived fog, wearing my pajamas at 3 pm, hoping my husband was coming home from work soon so I could take a nap. But we survived. 

Our son wasn’t a particularly difficult baby, but all new babies are demanding little things. I would feed him on demand (aka every 30 minutes) which was incredibly draining, he would only nap on me for the first 3 months of his life so I was a human mattress, and I was pooped on more times than I can count…. But we survived. 

We were very adamant that we wanted him in the crib from the very beginning so it was one less habit to “break” down the road, and we stuck to that. But more often than not, in the beginning, after I had my mini crying meltdown, I would bring him to the couch with me in the early morning hours and he would sleep on my chest because that was the only way I was getting any sleep. But we survived. 

My biggest piece of advice for new moms in the beginning is to SURVIVE. You are going to be tired like you’ve never been tired before. Your emotions will be all over the place. You will cry. You will argue with your husband. But guess what? This too shall pass. Don’t worry about what your cousin did with her new baby, or what that expert wrote an article about. You’re doing great. And it is allll worth it.

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