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Once upon a time, I use to think that 90% of my decision are correct. maybe it worked on those days. Now a day, I am thinking that 90% of my decisions are wrong.

I take decision in two ways, First, when I think about any matter, I try to think on both sides first, pros and cons. Then which side has more pros I pick that one. Mostly I take decisions in this way.

The other way is depending on my anger. When I became so angry on anything, I took some decision to make it feel better. Trust me, I never thought to harm anyone. In this way it takes only one second to decide on something. Very few times I took decision in this way.

No matter how I take my decisions, I always try to stick with it. Because whenever I have changed my decision, at the end I found, my first decision was right.

The strange part what I found is most of my decisions which I have took in anger, was correct!

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