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Taking proper care of your shoes to serve you for longer.

According to studies, footwear is one of the first things that are notable in a man when they are conversing or approaching different people. Ladies are keen to note the belt, watch and the quality & type of footwear that you are wearing. The way you present yourself can influence the kind of attention you get. While there are different shoes for different occasions, you should never overlook the cleanliness of your shoe.

In as much as there are low maintenance shoes, the service that a shoe will give you entirely depends on how good you take care of it. The bottom line for making your shoe last for long is to properly take care of it by giving it a great shoe shine. Shoe cleaning wipes, such as Clean Kicks, are most recommended as you take care of your shoes because they remove any dust particle that could be hard to notice. The wipes ensure that your shoe does not retain any dirt thus extending the durability of your shoe.

Giving your shoe a good shine does not only benefit the shoe’s lifespan but they speak volumes about the wearer. For many people they take it that shining your shoe does not need much and a lot of them are unaware of how to properly clean your shoes. Below are some of the most important steps that you should take to ensure that your shoes are properly cleaned.

Remove the laces from your shoes

This is the first step to take to ensure that all areas, including the part below the laces, are properly cleaned. There are a number of people who have at some point forgotten this area. Also, removing the shoe laces ensures that they do not get polish. This is especially the case if they are of different color.

Fill your shoe with stuff.

This is necessary to ensure that you have a solid surface to work on. You can choose to fill your shoe with shoe tree or even papers but always ensure that the stuffing fits really well.

Dust the shoe off to get rid of the dirt.

This should be done using a dry brush, while you can use some water to get into the small spaces; it is recommended that your shoe should be completely dry before applying the polish.

Apply the polish.

The shoe polish should be applied with circular motions. This method ensures that there is friction and the wax will melt thus allowing it to evenly spread. Continue with this procedure until your shoe has enough polish.

Wipe excess polish.

Using a rag, ensure that all parts of your shoe get equal love. Allow the shoes to dry for about 15 minutes before you can return the shoelaces.

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