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Divine Theme

I remember talking a lot to my son when he was a baby. We talked about the activities that we did during the day, the chores and how they got done, the funny things our cats did and the objects in the world around us. I talked to him so much because - like a lot of parents - I had read studies that it was important to talk to your baby.

But there may be another reason that Mommas are doing all that talking - it turns out that unhappy Moms talk more to their sons.

I find this study fascinating, because it is specifically about Moms and their sons. But I also get it: If you are a woman who is unhappy with your partner, you may feel better talking to the cutest little man in your family. (And maybe it helps that your son is happy with the attention and can't talk back?) It is weird to me, however, that it doesn't happen with Mothers and their baby girls.

Do unhappy Dads talk more to their daughters? I couldn't find any research on that one either.

I do know that it is possible to be a happy parent and still talk a lot to your baby. They like it. You'll like it (it's weird at first, but so are most things you do as a parent). And when you are done talking to your baby, you need to talk to your partner - you are in this parenting thing together.

What did you like to talk to your baby about? Tell me in the comments.

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