Tat-Tuesdays: The Paper Mama Tats Your Tots

Inked Mamas rejoice. We can tat up our tots without any needles, tears, or visits from CPS. Enter the mad design skills of Chelsey fromThe Paper Mama blog and she can not only manipulate your baby's photos, she can help you shock and awe all of your family and friends with her creations.

Perhaps not as shocking, but equally as creative are Chelsey's other creations:

TBWL was stoked to interview Chelsey and find out a little more about this Super [Rad] Mama:

Why did you start your blog "The Paper Mama?"
I was going through some pretty tough post part-tum stuff... and, I really just needed a place where I wouldn't feel like I was alone. The beginning of my baby's life was really hard for me. Trying to recover from my surgery and accepting my birth: all on no sleep, was very difficult. Starting my blog was the best idea ever.

Before motherhood, what filled your days (work, school background, etc)?
Ha, my husband and I had a date on Friday and we were just trying to remember what we did before my pregnancy/baby. Right before I was pregnant I was working full time at Anthropologie. I had gone to school for interior design, but there weren't really any jobs out there. So, I went to retail. I love working there! It's a very creative environment for a retail job. [TBWL Editorial note: ahhh, I knew there were elements that reminded me of one of my favorite stores in Chelsey's work...Love it!]

I was also working on my Etsy shops. Trying to get them stocked and pretty. Then I got pregnant. And, was pretty much on bed rest from the beginning.

Tell us a little bit more about your Etsy shops. What type of products can mamas find there?
Well, I have two Etsy shops. My
Paper Lady shop and my Paper Mama shop. In my Paper Lady Shop I sell: handmade paper crowns, cards featuring my drawings, and occasionally paper hair accessories. The paper crowns are the main focus of my shop. I've been trying to balance caring for my baby and creating goodies for my shop. So far... it's going alright. :)

The Paper Mama shop is where I'm selling my photos and photo manipulation services. I create banners/headers for blogs and Etsy shops, sell cards featuring my photography, and what I believe to be the highlight of my shop: photo manipulation. Right now I have a couple listings for photo manipulation. I will tattoo your baby for you. Yes, your baby can get some ink: pain free! I LOVE doing this! It's how I spend my time during my baby's naps. I plan to add more photo manipulation listings.

What is the average price point for your products?
In the Paper Lady Shop there are pretty much 3 prices: Cards are $3, adult crowns are $25, and children size crowns are $20. In my Paper Mama Shop: I'd say the average is about $20.

What inspired you to doctor pictures of babies to have tattoos on them?
My mom bought my baby this cute little blue and red sailor dress. I was taking photo of her in it and I thought, "Huh. Wouldn't it be funny to put a sailor tattoo on her arm?" During my baby's next nap-time I played around and tattooed her up! Everyone really loved it. So, I decided to start offering this service in my shop.

Best piece of advice for mamas who have creative passions and have a hard time finding time to fulfill such passions? How do you balance it all?
My best piece (well, pieces) of advice:
- Get a friend or family member that you trust with your children to babysit. Instead of worrying and cleaning up your messy house with that free time, get creative!
- I ALWAYS sketch in a sketch book before I create.
- If I get frustrated with something, I drop it and come back to it later. I don't do my best work when I'm frustrated with something.
- Finding the balance is also figuring out how to manage your time properly. I make lists of things I need to get done. When nap time rolls around, I hit the lists.

Anything else you would like to add?
Don't forget about you! I really have to keep reminding myself that I need time for me too. When my baby girl was first born I was SO focused on trying to be a perfect mom that I completely forgot to take care of me. I'm important too. My baby is my life and so amazing, but I am too.

And yes, in case you were wondering Chelsey does rock three tattoos herself. She has, "a cherry blossom branch on my left shoulder, a flower on my right foot, and a butterfly on my hip,,, (I got the butterfly when I was 18. :). I plan on getting another after I'm done breastfeeding. :)"

Chelsey is one busy gal, and you can catch up with her at the following spots:


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