Tea and Coffee Companies That Support Women

With all that is going on in the world, helping women through our everyday consumer actions is a way we can make a difference in their lives. While we can’t all take to the streets in protest or write impassioned letters to our senators or even donate to a cause every month, we can divert the money we spend to companies that support the causes we care most about. It’s called conscious consumerism and it’s on the rise. Consumers are increasingly voting with their dollars on products that make a social, economic, and environmental impact. Two of the most consumed products in the United States are tea and coffee giving consumers a real opportunity to make a difference based on where they buy. In fact, Americans drank a whopping 89 billion servings of tea in 2021, and on average Americans consume two to three cups of coffee per day. Sixty-six percent of Americans are coffee drinkers. 

I was recently sent two tea brands and a coffee brand to try and all three support women which I am exceptionally happy about. Here’s what they’re all about.

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters

I reviewed Nostalgia’s dark and medium roast instant coffees. The coffee is placed in brew bags so you can control the strength of the coffee by how long you keep your bag brewing. Think steeping your tea bag. I was surprised by how good Nostaligia’s coffee tasted because I have tasted coffees in brew bags in the past and they have always been extremely weak and tasteless. Nostalgia, however, was different! Their coffee brew bags actually have a deep flavor that I really appreciate. I especially like the brew bags because you can conveniently take them with you on the go. Also, when we recently moved it was great to have Glory Days and Memory Lane brew bags because we had not purchased a new coffee maker yet. We could have delicious coffee with a simple pour-over. 

Supporting Women

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters is a proud gay woman-owned company that believes in representation and diversity. The company is 75% female and actively seeks women coffee producers. In fact, Glory Days (seen above) is 100% female produced in Mexico. And Nostalgia works with women coffee producers in Sumatra and Colombia. Additionally, 5% of its profits go directly to farmers. Read more about how Nostalgia Coffee works with women

Where to Buy

Visit Nostalgia Coffee Roasters at Buy by the product or by subscription. 

Nanor Teas

When I saw the box with the Nanor teas inside I was stunned. It was, in fact, stunning!  First, the black Nanor box was absolutely beautiful with a floral-bordered appreciative message on top thanking its customers for supporting a woman-owned business. The box was embellished with a signature bow around the sides and another bow situated on the front. So beautiful!  

I removed the bow and the message and opened the box. Inside were two boxes of gourmet tea – one was Refreshing Cucumber Melon Tea and the other Creamy Earl Grey Tea – both delicious with premium ingredients. Additionally, inside was a black suede bag with four gold-toned spoons meant for stirring and mixing cups of tea. They really rendered the box exceptionally exquisite and luxurious. 

The Cucumber Melon Tea was splendidly refreshing with punches of fruity notes and could easily be drunk both hot and cold. The Creamy Earl Grey Tea was also delicious with a little sugar and a splash of cream. 

Supporting Women

A cruelty-free brand, if you are looking to support women entrepreneurs and are an ardent tea drinker look no further than Nanor, as aforementioned, a small woman-owned company. 

Where to Buy

Nepal Tea Collective

Having been to Nepal and written solely about ways to enrich women and their families I was extremely happy to try these teas and write about the Nepal Tea Collective. The Nepal Tea Collective now has QR codes on all its packaging to create transparency around where the tea is plucked, packaged, and shipped thereby cutting out middlemen that perpetually make the tea trade fuzzy. For example, inside was a letter from the Nepal Tea Collective where it discusses its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and about their company.

On the back, everyone who worked on the package of tea signed their name. And when you scan the QR code you see a rundown of everyone who helped produce the tea and the date. Very awesome! 

As a certified USDA organic tea, the Nepal Tea Collective’s tea has an extremely robust flavor. I love that Nepal Tea Collective’s tea is loose leaf tea. If you don’t have any, you’ll need to buy some of your own tea bags or tea balls in which to place your loose tea. 

Women are key parts of the entire tea process pipeline. From scanning the QR code I discovered that women take part in plucking, packaging, and picking. Data shows women smallholder farmers can help decrease global hunger by 17%

Where to Buy

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