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It is never too early for your toddler or baby to start learning good behaviours and habits! Teaching good habits can start early.

As parents, we are likely to concentrate on children’s educational stages. Our particular attention should also be on teaching them the right way to crawl, toilet training, and abilities in sports activities.

Here are four good habits you can start teaching your child to help him/her learn responsibilities in their most significant years!

Teaching Good Hygiene

It is advisable to practice good hygiene with your toddlers and babies.

All things considered, we, being a parent, are establishing the particular stage for the children’s future hygiene habits. It is actually never too early to start brushing teeth with your kids.

If they're toddlers, you can start by cleaning or wiping their teeth with a wet soft, clean cloth. If their first teeth come in, you can start with a small and soft toothbrush (specially made for the toddlers). As we (parents) brush teeth with our babies, we sing the ABC’s song as part of our routine. If you want to emerge your babies with some beautiful songs while brushing teeth, get some from Kids Learning Songs Channel on YouTube.

Washing hands and fingers is another good hygiene habit to practice when they're little so they get used to washing right after playing at the park, using the bathroom,or before meals and snacks, etc.

Practising Playtime

Try to start independent playtime as early as six months to one year.

Independent playtime is very important for a number of factors,and it'll teach your kid to learn the new skill. Your kid will become familiar with a lot as they follow on their own. Toddlers and babies will gain confidence, creativity, independence, problem-solving attitude, and get the opportunity to experience the world around them.

Have Your Kid Clean Up After Themselves

Spend some time to teach your child to clean up after him or herself! Although teaching your child to clean up after him or herselftakes a lot of endurance and is usually a slow process in the beginning, but this practice will pay off.

Teachingyour kid to clean up after his/her mess will turn out to be much more difficult if all these guidelines and expectations aren't set from an early age.

Teach the Kids Communication Skills and Good Manners

It is important to teach your kids politeness when they're young.

Not only will your family recognise the value of your kid and appreciate his manners, but other children and adults will get inspired by your child more too.

Obviously, teaching your kids to say “thank you” and “please” from an early age is a good way to start good manners. Have the kid practice “thank you” and “please” with you, and others too.

For example, they can easily practice with others when they're given a cereal bar at the bakery or a sticker at the doctor’s office.

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