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Ted Williams' Voice Debut. An interview can change your life.

My 7-year-old adores performing and an audience of one (that’d be me) simply will not suffice.  She envisions herself singing and dancing in front of hoards of people.  The greater the audience, the more ecstatic she becomes. Honestly, her singing? Mediocre. Dancing? Okay, she has got a few well-orchestrated moves between you and I. But, between my daughter and I, she is the next Taylor Swift!  She is the next American Idol because anything is possible, right?  We teach our children to “shoot for the stars” and to “reach for the moon” because anything less would simply squash their hopes and dreams. 


Anything is possible, for our families and for us! Look at Ted Williams. This extraordinary gifted homeless man went from sleeping in cardboard box, panhandling alongside the Ohio Interstate, to being on Good Morning America and theToday Show in New York City in a span of 72 hours.  Ted’s gift is his voice. A former radio presenter with NINE children, Ted became deeply involved with alcohol and drugs and lost everything. On the streets and two years sober, Ted clenched a beat-up cardboard sign that read, “I have a God-given gift of voice.”  A reporter from the Cleveland Dispatch video interviewed him and placed it on youtube – it has received over twelve million hits!  Ted’s been reunited with his mother and the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team offered him a job and a house.Williams was also officially hired by MSNBC to provide voice-overs for the network AND was hired to be the voice behind Kraft Foods' new TV campaign. Ted has been given a second chance on life.  His hopes and dreams have been realized.


Let Ted be an inspiration to us as we wish ourselves into a career or an entrepreneurial endeavor. Let Ted teach us to pick ourselves up despite periods of dark despair.  Today may just be your day, your moment for an interview that will change your life forever.  Let Ted and the Butterfly community empower you experience just that.


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