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Teen Drivers: 5 Tips to Help Your Child Be Safe While Driving

With summer in full swing, teens are hitting the road with fresh learner's permits and using their vacations to rack up hours behind the wheel. Whether you've got a young teen just starting Driver's Ed or if your child has been driving for a little while now, you must pay attention to driving safety. Here are the top 5 tips to help ensure that your child is safe behind the wheel.


1. Driver Sober

Underage drinking is an epidemic spreading across the nation. Drunk driving is also one of the largest contributors to motor vehicle accidents. Alcohol and new teen drivers make for an extremely dangerous combination on the road. Make sure your teens and their friends always drive sober.


2. Take Driver's Ed

Aside from driving sober, understanding the rules of the road and how to properly operate a motor vehicle are some of the most important steps in becoming a safe driver. Driver's education courses teach young students the valuable skills they need both behind the wheel and as a passenger. Sign your child up for Driver's Ed and have a professional guide them through the obstacles of driving.


3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Over 2300 teens were killed in 2015 alone as a result of motor vehicle accidents. A car or motorcycle accident can happen at any time, so it's important your child practices driving in a safe manner. Practice will help your teenager feel comfortable and capable behind the wheel of their car. Driver's Ed is great, but time behind the wheel cannot be matched in the classroom alone.

4. Avoid Distractions

The DMV notes the top safety tip for teens is to turn off their cell phones while driving. Driving while texting, talking, or even just playing with the radio can all lead to accidents - not all of which will be with other drivers. All it takes is one second looking away to not notice a bicyclist or a motorcycle and hit them, and that could cost someone their life. Make sure your child is focused behind the wheel and all their attention is on driving.

5. Always Wear Your Seatbelt

The National Safety Council reports over 66% of teens do not wear their seatbelts. With over 220,000 injuries each being contributed to teenage driving accidents, seat belt use must be considered to improve safe driving. Parents must remind and enforce that their teen drivers wear their seatbelts all the time and every time they get into a car.

Your first time was likely an unforgettable experience. The freedom to go where you please comes with the responsibility of making sure you're safe. Follow these tips above so your teenager will stay safe when driving.

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