Tell Me About Yourself Without Telling Me Who You Are

If you were stranded and had to live in a desolate place, outdoors, alone for a week; what 10 things would you take with you and why? This exercise might even bring you closer to yourself in knowing what is most important to you and why, outside of the conventional answers such as friends, family, GOD and things that would keep you connected to the grid.

RULE: You cannot take any electronic devices for the purpose of posting location, social media or reaching out for help. However, you can take them with you. You cannot take your spouse or kids. I already hear someone asking if they can take the other woman or the pool guy. Lol geez- do what you’d like. Make it fun and be as ridiculous as your true personality will allow. But no, seriously you cannot take another person with you. Conditions: You are living outside- It’s you and the great outdoors, feet to the ground in the clothes you arrived in. There aren’t any stores in sight and no boat to take you anywhere. You are in the middle of nowhere.

Create your nowhere: Is it in the woods or near a body of water, maybe an isolated beach? Which would you prefer?­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­_______________________________________

ME: I chose the woods with a stream nearby. I would want shade from the trees and other elements in case it’s during the summer months, I could also tie a hammock between trees instead of an open landscape atop sand or dirt. I could use the trees for many things that I did not take with me.

I would take the following items:

  1. A Hammock: I have never owned a hammock but I usually case stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to find them on display. I get lost in the idea of being on a private island, sipping a cool beverage to the sounds of reggae with a straw hat and shades. I can only imagine what I would do with one if I had it as my first item to take to this desolate place in the woods. It would be set between two of the most beautiful trees I could find, and I would take comfort during the day hours while listening to my radio. A hammock underneath the whispering winds of nature is a fantasy much more than my latest reality. I would take it so that I can live in that fantasy, betwixt trees under the stars listening to my music.
  2. Battery operated C/D player and CD’s: I will be listening to Blues, Country and Jazz – not in any order because the mood usually dictates the course. I can only imagine how many moods I might switch to while stranded. Growing up, hearing/listening to blues on a Saturday morning was as common as eating cereal or watching Saturday morning cartoons. The lyrics are usually deep, personal and there’s always a story if you listen closely no matter how sad or trifling, blues was reality on the radio. It was life. It was someone putting their life to the beat, and it became part of the soundtrack to my life. Country music came later for me, maybe around the 4th The first song I heard drew me in like a moth to a flame. Once again, a story is being told instead of just rhyming words. It was kind of like a blues record with a different sound, different instruments and the words told a different kind of story- perhaps about a dog rather than a love affair. Or a funny story about love, pain, revenge and life. Jazz is reserved for those more mellow moments. In this time, I don’t necessarily want to hear words at all. It’s a time to reflect. It’s time to place my own words into the sound. Homing in and focusing on each instrument and its melodies. With Jazz, I could flip through the second thing I would take to this stranded island. A photo album.
  3. Photo Album: I love collecting memories and recording them in photo or video form. I could probably create a video that would capture the minute my child reached a new height, that’s how much I document my journey of motherhood. I have a story for each photo and a memory I could reflect on as if he was standing right next to me. The nostalgia would fill the void while I was away on a stranded island. Most of the time when I am at home, I feel like I’m on a stranded island anyway when my son is away with his dad; so, it’s only right that the next thing I would bring with me would be a bottle of Champagne to sip while I listen to jazz and flip through the photo book.
  4. Champagne: I have my first, second and third choice for champs but I don’t choose them based on price. I tasted some great champagne for under $20. However, I would likely take a case of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne just to take the edge off in the night hours but since I don’t have to report to work, happy hour might just start at noon. This will relax me without taking me over into a drunken state to where I cannot be vigilant of my surroundings or hungover in the morning. I would still be able to write and that’s why I need my laptop/notebook
  5. laptop to journalize the experience. Just in case I am found dead… or to share the experience in its entirety when I return to civilization because I absolutely love sharing experiences. I have been writing since age 10, not with any subject or genre in mind. I just open a notebook and write what’s on my mind. Life is almost like a mixture of a diary a novel and a short story all in one. Because one day it’s an original story as life unfolds, then another day it’s a creation. I would never want to be separated from a device or tool that allows me to create. I have been in a block before and it was a terrible place to be, not being able to extract thoughts or to get them onto paper or screen. I would take my laptop and even while in my sleeping bag, in the tent at night I would write.
  6. 6 & 7 GO TOGETHER: Sleeping Bag & Tent

Sleeping bag and tent: Yep! I am not going anywhere outdoors without a sleeping bag for the warmth and comfort of a surrounding tent. The hammock is for the daytime soaking up the sun, this sleeping bag and tent is to protect me from the elements and to give me some type of security from what’s lurking in the woods such as pest, rodents, insects, bugs and possible snakes. As mentioned earlier in this post, I browse Lowe’s and Home Depot more than I should, I have found some amazing tents that fit up to 10 people, very spacious and lavish. A luxurious camping experience it would be.

  1. Matches: I am no girl scout and I have never mastered starting a fire with sticks. I do not plan on learning during this isolation period as I have 10 things to take and I am taking a box of matches so that when I catch fish from the stream with my bare hands, I can set it atop a homemade firepit and get to cooking.
  2. External battery for laptop: Since I am here in this desolate place for a week, I know that much of this time will be spent writing. I will need an external battery if the laptop dies. I do not want to miss a moment of journalizing this experience be it good, bad or ugly. I want every beat documented. MS Office still works without Wi-Fi.
  3. Flashlight & batteries: This girl is kind of afraid of the dark. Yet she chose the woods. Go figure. If I have a high-powered flashlight with batteries on standby I am secured. If after sipping champagne during the day, soaking up the sun or rain isn’t enough to fall asleep on, I would like to know that the flashlight is still providing the light I need to continue to write myself to sleep.

Now that I have reached the end of my thoughtless list, I realize that I left off the BC Powder. LOL. Welp, It would be interesting to read responses from others as to what you feel you know about me from reading this and likewise, I would love to read about what you would take and see if I can assess what you’ve told me about yourself.

Stay tuned for what’s next: 10 items in your home right now that you wish you could get a refund for.

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