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The Benefits of practicing Spring Cleaning on Ourselves

Have you started to or have you already finished putting away those heavy Winter sweaters? Did you arrange a date with your Landscaper? Have you switched out your heavy drapes for the lighter Spring and Summer material?

Seems like the moment Spring arrives we quickly switch our brains to think of all things light, bright and pretty. From our homes to our wardrobes we are anxious to see our changes and new ideas come to life but have you also taken the time to do some Spring Cleaning on yourself?

Have you made the choice that this will be the season you Detox from all the things that are no longer useful to you? Have you decided to clean out all the clutter in your life?

Funny how we put so much effort into all things outside of ourselves. We never once seem to stop and think about our own need for internal clean-up. Just as our homes need dusting, cleaning and rearranging our thoughts and actions need some touch ups as well.

I love Spring, everything about it makes me feel like anything is possible. You walk around and see so much new life blooming. You hear the birds chirping, you see the grass getting greener, you watch your plants start to grow. You can't help but smile and be grateful. I always use the change of seasons as another way to hold myself accountable in creating my Best life.

So before we Forget, how do we set time for Personal Spring cleaning? What can we do to ensure better self-care? Why don't we try these few things:

-Switch from coffee to tea, it can help deal with anxiety and it can assist you in practicing slowing down. A nice cup of tea always requires you sip slowly in order to enjoy the flavor. 

-Use your snooze button to give yourself time in the morning to just take a few deep breaths before you jump out of bed.

-Walk, make use of the daylight and get out more. 

-Change one eating habit. If you love bacon switch to turkey and work your way from there. Healthier eating habits pay off in the long run with healthier skin, toned bodies and a grateful spirit.

-Shut your gadgets off. Set a reasonable time to put your phone away and turn off the computer so that you can engage in more self-care.

-Find a new hobby. Something that you do only for yourself. Something that allows you to be creative outside of your home and away from your children.

-Teach the kids how to entertain themselves. We don't always have to be part of their playtime. 

-Start a Journal. Begin to write down the things you would like to change in your life and the tools you will need to achieve those changes. Hold yourself accountable for crossing off those things on that list by the end of the season. This is not meant for you to use as a means to be harsh on yourself when and if you fall short. This is meant to be used as a visual. Most people need to see things and cross off things in order to feel accomplished.

-Be nice. Smile and laugh more, feel the Joy of living. Change your perspective, say Yes often and be more Present in the moment.

Hopefully, by the time Summer comes along you will have established a foundation of self-care that you carry with you into every season. With these new habits, you will be able to create your Best life, remain healthy and stress-free. This change in mindset can help in building better relationships and improve all around mental health.

I am personally looking forward to using this Spring to explore new ideas. My camera is ready to see new places and my journal is ready to discuss new ideas. I look forward to sharing them with you.

What do you have going this Spring? What changes would you like to see yourself take part of this season? Do you use this time of year to evaluate yourself or is this a new concept? Share your thoughts.

Always stress-free xo,


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