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I am getting all pumped up for Earth Day, and like I said in an earlier blog post, every day really is Earth Day. So, let's start making a few easy changes now. The bonus here is that these changes will not only be good for the Earth, but they are going to be great for your wallet too!

I know we are busy. I know we sometimes get set in our ways and don't want to change. I know we don't have time and money to change the world. And I know you have all heard that each positive change you make really does make a difference. Here is what I want to add to that. YOU can make a difference, and TOGETHER we can make an impact! Let that thought repeat in your head as you read my Top Ten Changes for Earth Day:

1. Lock the windows in your house to improve the seal and prevent leaks of hot or cool air.

2. Program your TV's remote to turn off other systems like cable, satellite, DVD, or VCR at the same time. If you aren't that techno savvy, then just try to remember to turn them all off when you are done with them.

3. When cooking, boil water faster by putting a lid on the pot. When you get a boil, turn the heat down and keep the lid on to keep a boil at a lower heat level. It will still cook your noodles quite nicely.

4. Grow a garden! You don't have to have a huge yard or a lot of knowledge about gardening for this one. You can even grow a few veggies and herbs in your house or on your deck. Every little bit will save you money and get you fresher food that pack more of a nutrient punch!

5. Lights Out! Pick one family member to be on light patrol and turn off all lights every time you leave home or leave a room. You can rotate the chore weekly or monthly.

6. Recycle printer cartridges and get some cash for it! I also know that Staples takes them back and gives you a credit on your next purchase.

7. Ride your bike to run small errands. If you have children, get a bike seat for the back of your bike. **Bonus, major calories are being burned here! We all love that!

8. Use Safer and Smarter Products. My favorites are Shaklee's Get Clean line. It is full of biodegradeable, natural, nontoxic cleaners that are so concentrated, they save you a ton of money. If you were to switch out all your many cleaners you use now and buy the Get Clean Starter Kit, (which include laundry, dish washing, and all your other cleaning needs) you would save $3,400 dollars!! Now that is some serious cash! You can find these products by going to www.caranitz.myshaklee.com.

9. Get Energy Star appliances. They will save you a good chunk on your electricity bill. Also, skip the dishwasher's dry cycle and allow the dishes to air dry. Skip the clothes dryer all together and hang your clothes on an outdoor line or on a drying rack inside.

10. Purchase reusable containers for portable sandwiches and snacks. Use lunchbags or boxes that are reusable, instead of paper bags.

Now, those don't seem too hard, do they? In fact, I think you will enjoy making some small changes that will save you some money and help our environment stay as beautiful and healthy as it can be. After all, who doesn't love the smell of fresh air and a few extra dollars in their pocket?

Please share your favorite tips and suggestion for living greener and making a difference! Remember, together we can make an impact!

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