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You know you're a crazy photographer when you stumble upon deserted railroad tracks and drag your family out there for an impromptu photoshoot.



You know you have a great family when they don't even give it a second thought.



Or at least keep their thoughts to themselves.


Before I got involved with all these fabulous photography blogs, I never would have seen the amazing potential of deserted railroad tracks and a raspberry-colored boxcar (which was unlocked--wish I wasn't scared of hobos and could've taken some shots of them in the doorway).


Jax was tentative at first.  Maybe he was scared of hobos, too.



But thanks to Daddy's encouragement he grew brave enough to explore.




I have seen so many amazing photoshoots on railroad tracks and know that the possibilities with lines and angles are endless.  I was just worried about lighting since it was midday and cloudy, which created a bit of a glare and a blank, white sky.  And lighting is really my weakness so I'll focus on those cool composition shots next time.  I'll probably be thinking about it tonight when Em inevitably wakes up because I'm crazy like that.


Regardless of lighting or angles, my little guy is growing up and it's easy to see.



He's grown taller and eats half as much as he used to, but he hasn't lost that baby belly.  I'm so glad!


He's so big and brave.  Here he goes, off to see the world.




His enthusiasm for life is so amazing to witness.  New experiences and adventures captivate him and will be the topic of dinner conversation for days to come.  I hope he is always excited to try new things and meet new challenges and people.  I hope he knows that Mommy and Daddy will always be here to hear his tales and be proud of him.  And that we'll always be there to go drag his butt back when he wanders too far!



And I hope that Em learns to be her own person, but a person who also loves life and sees the potential in an lonely boxcar.



And someone who loves.  That's a given.


I hope that our family always stops and takes a moment to enjoy life together.  This little adventure lasted ten minutes of our day, but it was my favorite part by far.  These are the small things that will help teach our kids and create memories, and it means so much to me that we aren't too busy to stop and enjoy them.


What were your ten minutes today?

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