Thanks to GOD and Toyota Our Son is Alive!

I am back! A bit tired from all the craziness, but things are slowly returning back to normal.

This may be the hardest post I have ever written. I still cry when I think of the what could have happened, but I am so very grateful for the outcome, I can hardly contain myself. Pictures of how this week started have been included at the bottom of this post.

We started off last weekend with a ton of things to accomplish and with little time to do it in (or so that was my excuse). We had errands to run and still had not put up the tree. Sunday came and I felt rushed to throw up Christmas decorations. In rushing I ended up knocking my head on a curio cabinet giving myself a concussion. OUCH!!! But we got the tree up and I survived my upset stomach, dizziness and headache.

Ready to take on the week we had a Christmas concert to attend that our 16 year old son was participating in Monday night. I decided not to go because my headache returned and I just needed some rest. The next couple hours turned into a parents worst nightmare.

Around nine that evening my son called and told me he was in an accident coming back from the school. Of course the first question is "Are you ok?" He said yes. We rushed to the scene and I could not believe my eyes! It was not possible what I was looking at. Where is my son? The EMT's took me to the ambulance and I found my son and his friend covered with blood! Remarkably my son only received a head wound that needed two staples, and his friend had a scratch on his head and a swollen wrist.

These are our miracle boys and after you see the pictures you will understand why. My son was going over 100 mph and lost control on a back road. They ended up going between a guide wire and an electric pole (Hands had to have been guiding them) and rolled 7 times. My son crawled out through the sun roof and his friend was able to get out the passenger door.

I have always been a Toyota fan but after Monday night I will always be grateful for their safety features and the care they put in to building their cars. I cannot end here without also giving credit to God. We are all very fortunate to be able to spend our Christmas and every other day with these two boys.

The following pictures are of the 2007 Toyota Camry after the accident......They are hard to look at, but if this posts helps anyone with teenagers I feel I have to put them up.

The outcome could have been much worse and we are grateful for everyday that I can hold my son in my arms. I would give anything to change the events of this past Monday evening, but since I cannot I will just say a huge Thank You! Thank you to God for giving these two beautiful boys a second chance in life and Thank you to Toyota for building such a great automobile.

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