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My son and I don't have breakfast together very often. His school provides breakfast for all students, and most days he is happy to eat with his friends before school starts. There are some days when he checks the school meal schedule, declares that he is not excited about breakfast, and gets himself something from the pantry.

On those days (and on the weekends when we have more time), we sit and talk while we eat. I tend to think of it as a bonus to our mornings when we are able to make that meal happen.

Of course, when school is out and my son goes to camp, we have breakfast together every day. I need to make sure he gets some protein in his system before all the jumping/swimming/climbing activities that makes up his day.

To me, breakfast is the fun meal. Interestingly, it is also the meal that could help teens have a healthy body image. I'm not entirely sure that I understand the correlation - is it the time together or the quality of the meal that helps your teen more?

I know that the high schools in our district start early, so I am not sure how we would be able to fit this time into a morning routine unless my bear starts to like mornings more. But, my son is still young, so I have lots of time to still figure it out. Until then: I look forward to breakfast together on the weekends.

Are you ever able to eat breakfast with your teen? Tell me in the comments.

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