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I adore my Mother.

She is witty, funny, snarky, kind, wise and a fantastic parent. All the things I want to be in life. She inspires me and challenges me and checks in on me. You'd like her.

I know that I sound like her on the phone (it confuses my poor Step-Dad sometimes) and my husband has called out instances in which I've "sounded just like my Mother." He has meant both in voice and in phrases I've used.

And that makes sense: We all start to become our parents in our early thirties. Or, more specifically, we start to become our parents when we become parents. Having little ones underfoot is when we start to notice our physical and mental characteristics start lining up with theirs.

Think about the first time you ever heard yourself saying one of those "Mom" phrases to your child (Because I said so...)

I, for one, am embracing all my Mom-like characteristics. I think they just help me be a better parent overall.

When's the first time you felt you were turning into your parent? Tell me in the comments.

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