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If you’re a mom with teens, you know hard it can be sometimes to get them excited about learning. Your kids are smart, they care a lot about projects they’re passionate about, whether it’s the science fair or buying the perfect pair of used hockey skates for their next game. But with all the drama and distractions of being a teen today, it can be hard for them to find time to focus on education. Your teen may have the best hashtags for Instagram memorized, but when it comes to memorizing history dates, it’s a little more of a struggle.

But there’s no need to see the smartphone--or the tablet--as an enemy. With all the apps out there, and changes in the ed tech world, you’re bound to find some educational apps that work best for your teen. So check out this list of the 10 best educational apps for teens, and share it with them!


1 Edmodo

Edmodo is one of the easiest ways for your teen to benefit from education technology. With its learning management system, Edmodo makes it easy for your teen to get clear, one-on-one, feedback from their teachers on assignments. Check out a list of the benefits of Edmodo here.


2 Google Earth

Adults, teens, and young kids alike all love Google Earth--after all, what’s more amazing than being able to see the world, in all its vastness? And zooming in to your very street where you live, or the school you go to every day, or the Grand Canyon? Teens can also buff up their geography skills by learning about new places with knowledge cards and learn about local landmarks, too.


3 Codea

If your teen’s passionate about coding--or if you think they should spend some time learning one of the most important skills of today--then this app is a great start. Whatever your teen’s level of coding skills, there’s nothing like the feeling of having written their own game or app for iPads. Check out more here.


4 My Study Life

For the busy teen--and what teen isn’t busy--My Study Life is an essential app. Reviewed as 9 to 5 Mac’s best academic planning app, this will help your teen with organizing deadlines for homework, projects, and papers. A  class calendar is available as well! Parents have raved in reviews that this app was a ‘lifesaver,’ and students say, ‘It’s the perfect app to keep me on top of everything.’ More info here.


5 RefMe

This app will make it much easier for one of the hardest parts of writing a final paper: the bibliography. By scanning the barcode of any book, or searching for sources, your teen can immediately find all the information necessary for citing references. And the app will provide the book reference in any format needed, from MLA to AP.


6 Duolingo

Duolingo isn’t just changing the world for teens--it’s changing the world for anyone who’s passionate about learning another language! By incorporating reading, listening, and speaking exercises into games, this app makes language learning not only easier but fun. If your teen’s taking any language classes, make sure they download this app on their phone.


7 Litcharts

Made by the creators of SparkNotes, Litcharts can help any teen understand the books they’re reading in class even better. The use of color-coding and icons also helps your teen see where literary symbols and themes appear--enhancing their ability to comprehend and analyze complex literature. Suddenly, The Great Gatsby makes a lot more sense. Check out the app and all its features here.


8 Quizlet

This apps provides resources to students that will help them test their knowledge--from lesson plans to quizzes to flashcard study guides on almost any subject. Just take a look at their user-friendly website to see the countless study sets they offer, from structures of the heart to landmark supreme court cases. If your teen wants to understand the anatomy of a dolphin through and through, there’s no need for them to go to the local aquarium--they can learn all they need on Quizlet.


9 SAT Vocab Mindsnacks

At a certain age, your teen is going to have to start thinking about college, and the future, and, of course: the SATs. One way that makes this easier is the SAT Vocab Mindsnacks app, which was rated one of the best educational apps of the year. By combining games with learning vocabulary, this app will strengthen your teen’s vocab in a fun way!


10 Magoosh Apps

For additional standardized test practice--including not only the SAT but also the ACT--Magoosh apps will be of great help to your teen. The testimonials from users are outstanding: students were impressed with the customer care, flexibility of schedules, and, of course, how effective the app was at helping them reach the scores they wanted.


Have your teens downloaded any of these apps? How has it made a difference for them in their studies and attitude toward their academic life? Let us know!


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