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Major blogger/writer fail.

I knew this was going to happen: It's been a month. Procrastination is one of my go-to sins in life.

Being pregnant is a good excuse, right?

Having SPD/almost-broken pelvic bones is a good excuse, right?

Chasing after a 15 month old toddler is a good excuse, right?

Trying to get said 15 month old to eat anything other than cheese is a good excuse, right?

Who knew she would actually eat apples if I didn't cut them up?

Having a new part-time sports job is a good excuse, right?

Trying to stay fit and eat healthy for upcoming maternity modeling shoots is a good excuse, right? (SO. EXCITED. for free maternity clothes!!!)

I feel guilty every time I log on to my blogger account. And when I feel guilty/stressed about something, I avoid it. I still get quite a bit of daily traffic even though it's been a month since my last post. Time is moving too fast during this pregnancy. Case in point: I officially enter my third trimester on Monday. I can already feel the painful physical changes.  I wasn't expecting to feel uncomfortable til December, especially since it's taken forever to have my belly pop out, but the sleepless & aching nights are back. Even now as I write this, she is stretching diagonally from my right rib to my lower hip. Baby girl can kick me hard enough to take my breath away. Between Isla's outside pummels and baby girl's inside punches, my stomach is getting quite the beating.

Time management has always been a problem of mine. If I have to decide between napping or cleaning the kitchen, napping usually wins. Sleeping or blogging? Sleeping. Exercising or blogging? Exercise, especially since it's part of my job description. Playing with Isla or blogging? Playing with Isla.

 I'm trying to cram in as much mommy and me time as I can. January 18 is looming closer and closer and I'm scared of what life will be like for me and Isla once the new baby gets here. I want Isla to have a happy mom. I want her to have a happy life. I want her to know that her mom loves her and I want her to feel showered with attention. Daily park dates and exploring and learning and walks and trips to the animal farm have taken priority over everything in my life. I'm grasping frantically onto this special time we have left with just the two of us, but time keeps slipping through my fingers. She must sense something too, because every time I try to sit down at the computer to write something, she's right there whining, complaining and prodding me to go and play with her (she's currently sitting on my lap. I have offered up my phone to appease her temporarily. My time for writing this post is almost done.) How can I say no to this face?

My view of Miss I during our walks

 What possible excuse could I give that would be more important that spending time with my daughter?

I have none. So my blog posts over the next three months will be sporadic, I'm sure. I have a few crafts and a few recipes lined up, I still will document my pregnancy, but I can't definitely say I will post every week, and I don't want to feel guilty about it. Picture posts will probably become my new lazy blogging crutch best friend.

Mommy's girl when she's not feeling well.

Any tricks to getting your toddler to sleep longer than an hour? She's
ready to drop her second nap, but hasn't learned to sleep longer than
60-90 minutes for her midday nap no matter how long I keep her up for. I'm finally adjusting to (read: trying to have a good attitude about) this new sleeping schedule.

Elmo lover.
Park Explorer
Thinks it's hilarious to high-five daddy's face.

My life over the past month: Physical therapy appointments (and subsequent massages, hot baths & heating pads to soothe my expanding hips). Work (aka watching football games). Trips up the canyon. Park play dates. Cuddle time with my little bug. Nap time for me when she finally falls asleep. Trying to fit in family time between E's work & studying schedule. Trying to figure out where I stand on political issues so I can vote for the right person. Trying to keep up with my calling as Young Women's second counselor. Trying to keep my house presentable. Trying to keeping up with the laundry. Trying to survive & simultaneously ENJOY pregnancy & a toddler. (I've found ice cream cones help, a lot!). Because I really do want to enjoy this pregnancy and the alien-like feeling of the miracle of life within my belly.

Coming up next: Official pregnancy update coming Monday (Third trimester already?? THIRD TRIMESTER??)

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Comment by Christy Garrett on November 15, 2012 at 12:14am

My son is almost 18 months.  Once, I dropped the morning nap and switched to him napping once a day.  The length of his nap increased, he sleeps roughly 2-3 hours at a time.  As a blogger, I feel guilty for late night blogging and evening time is for my husband.  

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