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5 Ways to Get Creative to Reduce Holiday Stress

The winter season is a time for people to visit with friends and family and enjoy winter festivities. Though this time of year is filled with joy and excitement, it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Holiday anxieties are common and may impact…

When Transferring Your Child to Another School is Already Necessary

To transfer or not to transfer?

Oftentimes, your kid will show signs of tardiness, desire to quit school or stress that can burn them out. But not all scenarios of wear down can be a reason to suddenly look for another school. Most of the time, these school-related stress…



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Teaching your children about sustainable lifestyles and skills is an important part of their overall education. If you have room in your yard to plant a small vegetable garden, you will be amazed at how easy it can be to get your children involved.

Your child can learn about the growing cycle, watering and plant nutrition and all about the harvesting season. There is nothing that can make your child feel prouder than being able to eat a meal with the food that they have helped to grow themselves. You could end up with a child that enjoys gardening for their whole life.

Even the smallest yards or patios can often accommodate a garden bed or raised planter. Get some ideas for working a garden into your landscape at WikiLawn. There are so many benefits to getting your child to help raise a garden including some delicious organic produce to enjoy with the whole family.


Giving your child the opportunity to grow something from a seed is a rare gift. Most kids never consider where most of their food comes from. They can start learning about the vegetable growing cycle and all about the care and maintenance that goes into growing your own food.

Self Esteem

Gardening can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride for any child. It can mean quite a lot to a child to be able to say that they have grown their own vegetables. You are not only fostering a valuable life skill within your child but you are also giving them a chance to show what they have learned and what they can produce.


It’s a great idea to involve your child in the garden right from the beginning. Let them help with layout planning and choosing what will be planted. The more they are involved in the planning part of the garden, the more excited and engaged they will be. They can learn valuable organizational skills when they are helping with all the aspects of getting their garden ready.


If your garden becomes a family project, set up a Garden Schedule where each family member is given specific responsibilities for the garden’s care. Chores like watering and weeding are great assignments for younger children. Just like having a pet, your child can learn about the work and dedication that it takes to create a productive garden. Let them take pride in their part of the work.

Sustainable Skills

In the past decade, there has been a resurgence of people that are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle. Foods treated with chemicals or NGOs have taken over many marketplaces, so it’s no surprise that people are choosing to grow their own instead. The skills and knowledge that are gained from gardening can serve your child throughout their life.

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