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No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we all want our children to be geniuses when they grow up. It’s only natural, the urge to want our children to be successful in all aspects of life only means we want to protect them. To have them be better able to protect themselves from a world that at moments can be cruel and malicious. Most parents think along the same lines, and try their best to nurture their young ones and get them well prepared for the days ahead. This can be done in many ways, but one simple way you can help your children learn and grow is by reading to them. It’s no wonder that the medium meant to transfer knowledge, a book, is one of the best things for a child’s development. Here are some of the benefits that reading to your children can bring them.


Reading to a child is an activity that can increase the bond between the child and the parent. It’s not surprising that when we get older we fondly remember the exaggerated gambling stories of our grandfathers. Sure, we have online casinos the likes of Novicasino for that now but the sentiment of a loved one telling you a story as you grow up stays with you for a very long time. This is because of the intimacy shared when we tell stories. The feeling of love and attention a child gets from spending quality time reading with a parent is irreplaceable.


Children learn language by being exposed to new words that they hear through being read to or in conversations between others. This means that children that have been read to usually do better in school. Through hearing stories children don’t only learn about language and it’s intricacies but also about the world that is out there. From being read to they learn about different personalities, situations, relationships and a lot about the differences between right and wrong and how to make the right choices. Fairy tales are an ever bigger learning opportunity for children, they not only inspire creativity in young children but help them distinguish what’s real from what’s not. This can be helpful to children who might be dealing with irrational fears of monsters in the dark which is common for young children.

Dealing With Novelty

As children grow they gain new experiences and step into new situations that might be unknown to them. When this happens they can sometimes end up confused, sad or angry and they often won’t be sure why. Fear of change is normal for everyone, not just kids. Reading stories that might be relevant to the situation they may be dealing with can help children feel a sense of calm, and tells them there are others out there who are dealing with similar things. It could show them new ways of approaching the situation and help them realize that sometimes a different way of looking at things can mean the world.

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