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The Best Self-Care Solution for Moms on the Go

Regardless of their working situation, all moms are on the go and they all need a little reminder to keep practicing self-care. You don’t have to be a wonder-woman to look great, stay healthy and live your best life while juggling a career and the little ones. You can have it all and the only thing you need to do is to start putting yourself first. Whether you decide to hide away in the bathroom for ten minutes every day or take an entire weekend off, here are a few tips to help you get this crazy show on the road.

Teach Your Kids That This Is Good

You would think that having more children would eventually stop that wrestling match you have with guilt, any time you have to be away from your children - it doesn’t. Every mom struggles with it. You need to remember that this away-time will benefit the entire family because if you are happy with yourself, you will be happier and more available for your children. By being kind to yourself, you are teaching your kids to be kind to themselves, thus raising better and more confident adults. Even if it is hard for you to part from them, don’t turn this into a gloomy event because kids don’t only copy your behaviour, they adopt your mood as well. If you make a point of your “me time” being a casual thing that is simply a part of your routine, they will accept it as such and you will all be able to go on with your days without much hardship - hopefully teaching them some independence too.  

Treat Yourself

Get that blowout. Paint your nails! Do anything to make yourself feel more put together. It’s amazing how pretty you can look just by feeling pretty and, more importantly, clean. Treating yourself can be as easy as going to the corner store and buying a new body wash. The more luxurious the body wash, the more fun. Just experiencing a new smell can do wonders and make you feel like you are at the spa when you shower. After a few months, go crazy and try another, completely different fragrance.

Food - You Need It Too

In the midst of all the chaos, you still need to eat eventually. If you are on the go and in a rush, try making a quick smoothie. By adding something like True Protein to your regimen, and to your smoothie, you won’t lose any additional time in the kitchen. It only takes a moment to add these delicious protein powders to your shake. Parenting is not just about feeding your kids. Nourishing your own body with proper foods will not only do you a world of good, it will also model your kids eating habits in a healthy way. If they see you practicing self-care in the food department, they will be more likely to do the same even once they become older and you can no longer “make them” eat their vegetables.

Just Keep Moving

Exercise doesn’t have to be as hard and boring as gym class. We live in a world of possibilities and the important thing is to just move. Whatever your heart and body desire is what you should do, so that you are motivated to keep doing it. Walk around with your headphones while tuning out to your favourite tracks or do a self-defence class. Go on a hike with your girlfriends and kill two birds with one stone by exercising and socialising at the same time. If you can’t get away for the day, then add your kids to the mix and make a dance party in the living room. Have fun and get those endorphins pumping, the rest will take care of itself.

Don’t Lose Your Mind

Staying connected to ourselves is what keeps us going when the going gets tough. Spending time on your mind is just as important as exercising your body and it doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. If you can’t stay focused enough to read a book, do a crossword puzzle. If you can’t be bothered to start painting again, do some sketching. Boost your brain but remember to switch it off as well. Meditate. Sit in the park and listen to the nature. Do nothing. Most importantly, breathe, you superwoman.


Taking care of ourselves doesn’t come as naturally as it should. It is way too easy to get lost in stress and exhaustion. Once you accept the fact that you have to take time to pamper yourself, you will realize that you have done something positive for the entire household. We all essentially become our mothers. Your kids will no doubt copy your behavior, your habits and your mood-swings too. If you set a good example though, they will become good people.

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