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The Best Ways to Turn Your TV Time Into Quality Family Time!

Parents often think watching TV is a waste of time which can instead be spent to do something productive which is why they often prohibit their kids from watching it. We agree that wasting too much time watching television does no right. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy essential programs which your kids could benefit from. There are tons of channels which help kids learn new things while also keeping them amused and interested. This aspect could help educate your kids while also having fun with the family. Learning new stuff cultivates confidence in your children hence making them feel empowered; while watching TV together creates a strong bond between family members.

How to Watch TV?

It may come to you as a surprise, but the way you watch your television matters more than you think. It shouldn't divide your family but rather help you keep in touch with one another. Ideally, there shouldn't be a separate television in every single room. There must be only one set in the living or dining room where you can all enjoy TV while eating something delicious. Gathering at one place to watch your favorite shows can build great family memories.

Kids Specific Shows

There are numerous children related programs that help educate your kids. A few highly recommended ones that could aid in the growth of your child’s reading skills while keeping them entertained are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Busytown Mysteries, and Super WHY!. In addition to these, there are countless classic and hidden gems for your little kids. For preschoolers, set a time before bed or another suitable time during the day. While choosing the show, keep in mind the nature of the show and the time you decide to show it to your kids. For example, during nighttime select calm and gentle shows like the ‘Kipper.' On the other hand, during the daytime, you can opt for more energetic picks such as ‘Imagination Movers.'  

Many DSL, Satellite or Cable providers care about your choices. Some Cable providers even offer plays and productions according to your demands. For instance, Charter TV packages provide an On-Demand feature allowing you to request programs for your preschoolers, which would not have been included or available with your previous Cable, DSL or Satellite subscriptions. You can know more about Spectrum on its licensed retailers' website

Family Television Time

In this age of technological advancement, kids are more into online gaming and social media which make it harder to set aside time for family. Therefore, you need to set a specific time for your family to gather together and have fun.

Holidays provide you with a great medium to build family traditions and make memories you would cherish forever. Apart from holidays, make sure your family sits down to have lunch and dinner together.  Prepare a special meal on Sundays to enjoy with your family beside you while your favorite TV show airs. You could use technology to your benefit by informing your family members of any upcoming get together you've planned via a WhatsApp group. Moreover, you could cut some of the individualized web-surfing time and turn into valuable family time.

With the invention of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), it has become effortless for you to enjoy your favorite shows with your family at any time of the day. With DVRs, you can record the shows and watch without the fear of blackouts or other interruptions. Some cable TV plans such as Charter TV packages provide you with a free DVR.


Many of the researchers have pinned the fact that co-viewing TV programs with your child produce positive results. You can get entertained together and discuss them afterward in a light yet healthy manner. Ask questions after watching purposeful classic shows and question the characters and their roles. Explore deep thoughts and ideas. It will help you understand the feelings of your children towards different social subjects, hence developing an understanding of one and other.

Opt for the Best Program

Always choose quality programs; avoid shows including profanity, violence, nudity, curse words or coarse language. Watch something healthy for your soul and productive for your mind. You know your family best which is why you should be the one setting limitations if necessary. Providers such as Century link, Xfinity, DISHTV, and Spectrum have hundreds of channels you can pick from according to your own choice and remove the undesired ones.

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