The books on the list we haven't read yet

When my son was little, I had a great time picking out books for him. I read him books that I loved when I was little, books that other Moms recommended, and we discovered several new fun series. Some of the books from my childhood had lost their charm, but most of them were like visiting with a very dear friend.

In my search for books, I would look online for "best of" lists (like this one) to find ones that we hadn't thought of yet.

But then a few things happened:
  • My son got picky about the books he wanted to read. Picky as in he wanted to pick them out. And he was suddenly not interested in Mommy's recommendations.
  • He outpaced books on the lists before we could get to them.
  • He started reading more and more books for school, so he only wanted funny books for his pleasure reading.

But my son likes to read, so I won't complain. I just miss the times when he would ask me to find him a good book.

In all my children's literature research, I had  one problem with all those "best of" lists: They are often put together across a wide age range. It can be difficult to find lists that cultivate books that are all at the same reading level.

I often think I should put together a reading list for myself one day. I am positive that there are a lot of online lists out there that I could peruse to come up with my ultimate reading list. But then again, maybe I don't need a list. After all, I watch my son pick out books at the library and in the secondhand shop. He grabs whatever catches his eye. And he has pretty good instincts. If it works for him, then maybe it'll work for me.

What books are on your reading list? Tell me in the comments (maybe I'll get inspired).

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