The Breakfast You Should be Giving Your Children

Author: Ines Marinho

Nowadays parents are inundated with advice and tips on how to correctly feed their children. Brands have been promoting, each time stronger, the latest offerings and trendy fad diets. When you search on the finest options and benefits on the internet, an overwhelmed amount of information is provided. So, how to know if you can trust what you read? Speaking with a dietitian and nutritionist for the best options. However, the mom bloggers club brings you now some pieces of advice based on specialists’ opinions, on how to serve your children the most important meal of the day.

Remembering the food wheel is mandatory. Children should have components from all the three food groups to keep concentration levels up, insisting on the importance of keeping sugar levels down and, for a surprise of the majority, ditching avocados. Children need a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat every morning. A breakfast containing starch, one kind of protein and fruit or vegetable is the ideal. Starchy food will boost children’s energy, the proteins support the growth and give them the amino acids they need for healthy development.

Baking eggs in the morning is a tradition for many countries but not a famous one in others. However, eggs are a rich source of choline, vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, and folic acids. For a healthy brain, there is nothing better than all of these combined in just one meal. The eggs are, as well, a cheap source of proteins and nutrients that will prevent children from craving sugar break time. In the morning, this kind of food, combined with some salmon or bread, will make sure your kids are with a happy belly.

Another nutritional punch for the morning routine is the porridge oats. Made with milk and topped fruits, it promises to keep children energized and engaged in their daily routine activities. These carbohydrates are especially important in a way they provide slow-release energy through the day. If it is your wish, you can also add some seeds to increase the nutritional value.

There is a week full of tests and school proves and you want to better prepare your children for a tough period. They love peanut butter, but you think it is not healthy to give them this in the morning? Well, reconsider it. Peanut butter sandwiches offer the best range of nutrients to your children. It is also important that children enjoy their meals. Try to give them some fruits or vegetables, like carrots, after or before the peanut butter sandwich.

As for the drinking menu, there is nothing better than a fruit juice, a smoothie or a glass of milk. Any more than 150 ml of fruit juice or smoothie is too much sugar for the body to absorb. The ideal is to drink high in vitamin C in the morning.

The important to avoid giving your kids in the morning is high sugar level cereals. However, if they like this option, some whole-wheat, whole grain and low sugar cereal are fine. These healthy cereals will sustain blood sugar for longer concentration. If you are the kind of parent that is surrender to the avocado diet, notice that children need more than that to get enough proteins for breakfast. Mashed avocado on a toast would be fine if completed with an egg or glass of milk to balance the proteins. Instead of avocado, try to give them a banana. In this fruit, there is a boost of energy and the natural sugar they need for an upcoming day.

With these dietary rules to apply in your daily life and also in your children’s, both of you will be healthier and have the energy to beat a racing horse.

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