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The Broken III: Control by A. L. Frances

Great horror story!

In ‘The Broken’ series, lovers of deep suspenseful horror have been following a dark entity as it wreaks havoc on unsuspecting families, whilst steadily growing in power.

In ‘The Broken I,’ widower Matthew Honey, a once charismatic, successful businessman, lost his beautiful teenage daughter Eve to an evil entity which wove its way into their lives. Then, in ‘The Broken II,’ the entity moves on and devastates the lives of Alice Parkinson and her children.

Now we are on the third book, and deep in the Irish countryside, the haunted Moycullen Forest lies. This forest, and the Nunnery which it embraces, has been for many years the source of rumour and superstitions. It is said that those who enter the forest never return. Behind the convent walls, the sisters care for unloved children. Now they have a new member, Sister Jesselle, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For Sister Jesselle is The Dark Empress, and she has only one vocation…

United in their pain, and desperation to get their children back, Matthew, and Alice’s husband Phil, team up with Chief Superintendent John Terry who has come to believe their story. The men will stop at nothing to discover the children’s whereabouts, and end the entity’s reign of terror. They can sense that time is running out, and so they are willing to stop at nothing. But will that be enough?

It is said that the best books are written from the heart, and that the author gives a little bit of themselves in them. I believe this is very much the case with this young author whose prologue for this story is very insightful.

I look forward to the next book in this excellent series, and thoroughly recommend this series to lovers of suspenseful, scary, horror stories.

About the Author:

A.L. Frances is a thirty-two-year-old British author.

The Broken is set to be a four-part series and marks A.L. Frances’ debut in literary fiction.

Born in Wythenshawe, South Manchester, she is the product of a broken home. Her formal education was cut short before she could gain any qualifications and she became a mother to three children by the time she was just twenty years old. At twenty-one A.L. Frances suddenly finds herself cast in the role of a single parent, destined to repeat the cycle of her own difficult upbringing.

Determined to give her children a better start in life, she moved to the countryside village of Hollingworth, and eventually settled into a career in law. It was during this transition that she found herself on a journey of self-discovery. Attending multiple mindset enhancing seminars in England, America and Canada, she was exposed to the tutelage of inspirational speakers such as Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Mel Robbins among others. A.L. Frances was eventually introduced to Peggy McColl, a New York Times Best Selling Author. Standing on the stage, Peggy said the words that would inspire her into action. Peggy said, “Everyone has a book in them.” as she pointed into the crowd. It was at this point that A.L. Frances fell in love with the idea of writing her own book and telling her own story; one that would address one of her biggest fears: the vulnerabilities of broken homes.

At the age of twenty-nine, A.L. Frances decided it was time to start the next chapter of her life.

What follows is the start of her journey…

About the Book:

It’s been just over a year since Matthew Honey’s daughter, Eve, went missing, but he’s determined not to let the trail go cold. Phil Parkinson’s wife is dead, his five children taken. The only thing that’s keeping him alive is the hope of one day having them back in his arms.The pair team up with Detective Chief Superintendent John Terry in a race against time to save their children from the dark entity that would consume their souls in a bid to gain dominion over the world. Their quest takes them to a mysterious shop, a psychiatric ward and a foreboding nunnery in the depths of a reportedly haunted forest in Ireland, where nothing is quite as it seems.Matthew has a secret weapon on his side – but will it be enough to turn back the tide of evil and restore all that has been broken?

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