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The Cancer Fight... Thankful Thursday

Back in November 2009, my mom found out that she had cervical cancer and a tumor in her uterus. She went in for her yearly exam (you know the awesome girly doc) and the Dr. could tell there was instantly something wrong and could see the tumor. It was pretty upsetting for my mom for this was the 2nd time she has had cancer. She was exactly around her 5th birthday in November 2009, from the first time she was told she had a cancerous brain tumor in October 2004.

Back in 2003, I was a junior in high school. Back then my mom was horrible and telling me if anything was wrong with her. She never wanted to worry my sister and I. Although, I remember the day when I was told that my mom would have 3 or so months to live. Super harsh and sad right!?! Well this is exactly what the doctor's told my mom in Seattle, Washington @ harbor view hospital. I will never forget how I felt. My mom is going to die. I also, felt a huge responsibility coming on my shoulders of caring for and looking after my brother. I was the oldest and it was my job. My mom then learned that where the brain tumor was located it was not operational. It was located in spot in her brian that could leave my mom a vegetable. When all hope was lost the Dr. mentioned a treatment called Gama Knife Radiation. Where they do several rays of radiation on your head hitting the tumor at all angles with a halo bolted to your head. This seemed pretty scary and ummm i dunno it would hurt :) My mom ended doing the treatment and she had multiple seizures and other motor skill problems over the last 5 years since her treatment. Since that day, it has been 5 years and no my mom didn't die in 3 months.

Just when something so amazing like my mom beating cancer the first time 5 years ago I go another call a little over 6 months ago that my mom has cervical cancer and a tumor in her uterus. Oh, boy here we go again. This time around was so much more different. I was way more sad and frightened because it was the second time and you think there is no way this battle can be won again.

The Dr's told my mom at one point that she can have surgery and have a hysterectomy and everything will be removed. Doesn't sound that bad huh! However, due to my mom's stage in the cancer and the tumor if they where to remove everything and leave on cell behind they would not be able to go back in and get it. Kinda scarey. The Dr. told my mom that chemo and radiation had the same success rate as the surgery. So after 2 or so months my mom started chemo and radiation for the next 9 weeks or so. She would do Chemo one day of the week and radiation the same week on a different day. After, 9 weeks she did a few weeks of internal radiation and this was suppose to finish the job.

It's been around 2 months since her last radiation treatment and it's still yet to be known if the cancer cells are completely gone. However, the tumor has dramatically decreased in size. Whenever I learn that my friends know of someone that has had cancer or lost a battle to cancer I know how they feel. It is a scary ride and its so unpredictable and things can change and progress so fast. I've lost an uncle so far to pancreatic cancer in the last year or so. We weren't that close by any means, but its still tough to see a family member go so suddenly and quickly. My mom has gotten a 3rd chance at life with beating cancer the 2nd time.

I'm Thankful My Mom is Still Alive.

29. My mom's life and located in the same country as me.
30. diet coke :)
31. Friends and Family and their support
32. Good Doctor's
33. Ian's love and support and understanding in the last 6 months with
my mom's cancer battle.
34. Sunshine
35. Longer days with light
36. night's out with my friends
37. Happy Birthday to My Sister Toni Today! She is 22!

What are you thankful for this week.
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