The Difference Between a Work From Home Job and a Work From Home Business

This is one of the most frequent questions I get asked. The main thing to know about this is a work-from-home job should not have much out of pocket costs to get started. Because you work as an independent contractor, companies are allowed to charge you fees for the drug tests or background check but there should be no other fees involved and these fees should be minimal. A job should pay you by the hour or the minute or sometimes by the entry if it is a data entry or transcription type of job. A work from home business such as direct sales is going to usually require much more investment on your part and usually no guarantee of how much you will make. This usually depends on the amount of work you put in to it and is usually commission based. The trade off is there is usually more flexibility and if you are good at it, possibly more income. Be sure you know which you are applying to and what to expect. Research the company and be aware of the positive and negative feedback past employees and clients have to say.

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